Look to the Future and Include Periscope in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Jul 09 2015

One of the major new trends on the web is live streaming. Since the last SXSW where Meerkat made festival-goers discovered the joy of live streaming, this trend has more and more fans every day. However, Meerkat is not the only app which aims to become the reference in this field. Indeed, Twitter has acquired Periscope, a competing app, and plans on making it the undisputed live streaming leader. Keep on reading to learn more about Periscope and how it can be beneficial to your business.

How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

Jun 24 2015

Have you ever sent someone an email by mistake? Was its content embarassing? If so, you must have wished that time travel was available so you could go back in time to fix your mistake. If you are among those who experienced this, you will be happy to discover the latest innovation to come out of Google’s labs (unfortunately, it is not time travel). This innovation is Gmail’s Undo Send feature which allows you to unsend an email 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds after sending it.

5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

May 27 2015

Vous avez investi dans un site web pour votre entreprise dans l’espoir qu’il attire davantage de visiteurs et qu’il vous apporte plus de ventes. Cependant, en regardant les données de votre compte Google Analytics, vous remarquez que beaucoup trop de gens quittent rapidement votre site web, ce qui fait que votre site ne répond pas à vos objectifs. C’est un scénario classique qu’un grand nombre d’entreprises vit actuellement. Si c’est le cas pour la vôtre, je vous invite à poursuivre la lecture de cet article, car j’y mentionnerai plusieurs raisons possibles qui font que les gens quittent votre site web.

5 Tips That Will Help You to Write Website Copy That Converts

Mar 24 2015
Although they are not as flashy as videos, your website pages’ copy are of paramount importance. Indeed, they provide the majority of information about your products and services and should ultimately entice your website visitors to buy or at least to want to learn more. Unfortunately, too many companies write website copy because they have to fill their website pages and they are, for the most part, uninteresting monologues even if they are informative. Today, I will help you to write website copy that converts by giving you 5 tips that will get you there.

How Your Local Business Can Benefit From Google My Business

Jan 30 2015
For a local business, having a good level of exposure on Google is an important consideration. Indeed, in 2015, few people will look for a business by using a phone book. The vast majority of people will look for it on Google. It is therefore important for a local business to take the necessary steps to be found by people searching for them on Google. Today, I will talk about an easy first step that you can take if you have not already done it which is to register your business on Google My Business.

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