We don’t settle for what exists. We have built a community of people who share this idea and are willing to go further, beyond the conventional. What began as an ambition is now a viral reality.

We are economic actors involved in our families, our business, our region, and our economy.

Our role is simple. We must inspire our employees, help our clients succeed, and advise our partners in order to create wealth for the whole ecosystem. That’s what enables Kezber to live, grow, and transform the good into the exceptional.

We share the same values, strive together for planned growth, and demand of others only what we demand of ourselves. We are builders and we invite all those who share our vision and values to join us.

Alan Kezber

President, CEO, and Founder

Very focused on the human touch, Alan values client satisfaction very highly. For this visionary, the company's success hinges on employee happiness at work. You’ll recognize him by his charisma, determination, and ability to rally people around a common goal. He founded Kezber and is its president since 1996. Very active socially, this entrepreneur is an inspiration.

Eric Monange

VP Business developement

Eric has more than 25 years of experience in business development in various sectors ranging from metal recycling to translation. He joined Kezber's management team in 2016 to lead the company’s business development and sales team. Eric knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur who has to deal with IT challenges within the corporate space. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is constantly looking for solutions to improve our clients’ IT infrastructure and productivity.

Annie Auger

Director of Sales

Holder of an AEC in programming, Annie has proven her potential by smashing her sales goals as an account manager. With her deep IT knowledge, in sales and training combined, she has all the technical skills required as well as the listening skills to fully understand the needs of our clients. Very active person, she has already done a few marathons and is now is planning her first ultra-trail in a very near future.

Sophie Benjamin

Development Director

Originally a developer, Sophie now has more than 25 years of IT experience with strong management experience in all roles related to the delivery of application development solutions. She has spent the last 7 years developing expertise as a Quality Assurance and IT process improvement department leader, even sharing her knowledge of the national forum as a speaker in this field. In 2018, she joined the Kezber team at the head of our application development group and our project management team.

Éric Murray, ing. jr

Director of development

Eric first made his mark at CGI as an analyst advisor and then as a team leader. In 2014, he joined Kezber's development team as a business analyst. His mastery of technology and his ability to quickly grasp the needs of our clients have made him an important player on the team.

Charles Bedard

Administration and Finances Manager

Always ready to take on challenges, Charles was very enthusiastic to join Kezber's dynamic and ambitious team in the spring of 2016. His experience as a controller and financial analyst in the manufacturing, waste management and telecommunications industries has allowed him to leverage his great analytical mind, his sense of responsibility and his leadership. Charles studied at Université Laval and has been a CPA, CMA since 2012.

Martin Lalancette

IT Director

Originally an IT technician, Martin has been perfecting his knowledge for 20 years now. Through his diversified path, he has acquired experiences both at the user level and at the level of server and network structures. He gradually turned to the concepts of infrastructure virtualization and was called upon to implement his background in various production industries. After joining Kezber's team 5 years ago, his natural leadership, professional ethic and skills led him to become IT Director, a role he fulfilled successfully.

Alexandra Bélanger

Human Resources Director

Bachelor of Business Administration and member of the “Ordre des ressources humaines CRHA”, Alexandra joined Kezber in 2016. Upon her arrival, she did not take a long time to leave her mark on the company, particularly by improving recruitment process and establishing a strong HR structure. The very charismatic Magogoise is determined to be at the heart of Kerber’s successful growth. Her energetic energy, her endearing and empathic personality, her ambition and her strong recruitment experience make Alexandra a very successful and appreciated manager.