Our Values


Surpass oneself for others

Be true to oneself

Be true with others 

Understand others

Our second family


Working in a creative, stimulating environment that encourages diversity is great, but evolving in an expanding company and being part of something big is even better! Loving challenges may be cliché, but in truth everyone likes it and we certainly do!

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Time to enjoy life

Life goes fast, much too fast! Work, children, training, 5 to 7, house renovations, oil changes, trips, dentist appointments... But hey, who needs to stress about such little things? We don't! With 5 weeks of vacations for everyone plus 4 floating  leave days, we have plenty of time to try new things! Oh... and of course we are closed for the holiday season! 

Prestigious clients = Exciting projects

We never get bored over here! With prestigious clients such as Trilliant, BRP, Kruger, Granit Design and many others, we work on truly exciting projects, which stimulate our creativity and expand our know-how! After more than 20 years in the IT business, we believe it's the need to push our limits that keeps us young!

Des projets stimulants
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Feels like home

Every Friday, we like to meet in one of our lounges to have a drink and chat. All summer, at our Magog HQ, we can enjoy the nicest rooftop terrace in the region! We can all have lunch outside and enjoy the astonishing view of the lake Memphremagog and the Mont Orford. All this is great, but what makes Kezber different is our teamspirit! We truly have fun working togheter and that's even better than our free coffee and drinks!

Lunch sur la terasse
Redonner à la communauté

Giving back to the Community

Social implications we know! From the very beginning of Kezber, more than 20 years ago, we have been involved in different causes, mostly related to children well-being, health and education. We feel so privileged, it is only natural for us to give back to the Community.


True success stories

Growing business means hires, but it can also mean opportunity for career advancement. Here is not a promise in the air, we have real success stories to testify!

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