unique work environment

It’s commonplace to say that people are at the heart of a business, and personal fulfillment at work helps drive sustainable performance. What’s not so common is putting these sayings into action, and demonstrating their truth.

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Atmosphere and work environment

The work environment at Kezber reflects the ideals held by all IT professionals. Creative, healthy, dynamic and stimulating, our workplace is the pride of our employees.

Scheduling flexibility

Kezber values and provides a work schedule that achieves a balance between work and personal life. As promised during IT recruitment, it’s easy for our employees to balance work and their leisure to achieve a healthy quality of life.

It's not just the work

In business, one’s social life is a story that is told and lived every day. At Kezber, social life is defined and implemented by a motivated committee that wishes to build bonds between members. The activities at work and those outside the office reinforce team spirit and the group.

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People need a purpose. They want to improve. They want to innovate. They want to grow in a company that seeks to create something greater than itself.

Being recognized as an “Employeur Remarquable” (Outstanding Employer) is a proud achievement for Kezber. In our 20-year history, our employees have always been at the heart of our interests. The actions taken to elevate our corporate culture has resulted in the creation of a dynamic and creative work environment. Kezber continues to develop new ideas aimed at the growth of our expertise and improvement of our corporate culture. Our core objective; inspire and help our employees to become the best they can be.


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