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Project brief | challenge

Universal Distribution is a Canadian distributor of collectibles such as comic books and other items under license. Its customers are mainly private collectors, suppliers and other enthusiasts. The scarcity effect is a fundamental part of this unique industry, with the demand often exceeding the supply of specific items. This makes the management of inventories, supplies and operations a very complex operation requiring a special system. Faced with this requirement and the related production challenges, Universal Distribution hired Kezber to develop a custom application that would address several needs:

  • Streamlining inventory management
  • Designing an application that would reflect the industry’s particularities
  • Using existing resources
  • Enhancing performance for certain processes
  • Cutting down on production times

Multiple solutions, one outstanding performance!

To clearly understand Universal Distribution’s situation, our experts began by analyzing the company and its operations. Working together, they concluded that a variety of needs had to be met. To achieve the ultimate goal of improving operations and inventory management, more than one solution would be required.

Developing an inventory system

The first need was to create a streamlined inventory system in order to manage the substantial volume of products involved. In a first phase, our experts designed a system to extract the products available on the accounting program in order to find existing data. In a second phase, the system was developed to enable product scanning in order to indicate which items were surplus, lacking or lost. Finally, the system also had to reintegrate the corrected data into the accounting system to facilitate management.

This required managing not only currently available or stored information, but also new orders. In spite of our work, the inventory had to remain accessible and up-to-date in order to allow Universal Distribution to smoothly continue its operations.

A bar code system in order to integrate invoices

The collectors’ items industry often has to contend with counterfeiting issues, which requires checking the authenticity of the products sold. We thus developed a bar code system in order to be able to integrate invoices and check product authenticity. This system was developed by our experts as a custom-tailored solution.

Comic book ordering and billing system

To facilitate the management of comic book supplies, our experts designed a custom system to manage order placement and billing. The solution had to inform Universal Distribution of the volume of orders in order to then be able to produce the right quantity of comic books. The challenge of this project lay in the variety of promotional offers involved. The company offered numerous discounts, including on volume, collectibles, and even specific purchases. Moreover, promotional offer management had to be considered part of the supply system.

Website design

Our experts also designed Universal Distribution’s website. To do so, they had to take into account product volume, design the online store, incorporate online orders, and identify ways to reach as many users as possible. The website was built using the latest programming technologies for maximum performance.