the cloud revolution

Most companies involved in the Cloud revolution are not technology experts, they are SMEs that expect their online tools to help them better manage their business by reducing costs, connecting with their customers and better grow their business. Kezber provides the expertise to bridge the gap between what's being done and what should be done.

Making the move to Cloud computing is one thing, but making the IT transition successful is another.

Get the right Cloud services to propel your firm forward.

As a trusted partner, Kezber is committed to delivering the best Cloud services to companies that wish to modernize their internal processes. Based on an analysis of your needs, our business solutions experts will recommend the right Cloud service. Our clients also benefit from on-going support for all Cloud services delivered by our experts. Should you have any questions, we’ll be available to assist you. We’ll follow your organization’s evolution with pleasure and will collaborate with you to ensure success.

You’re in good company

Recognized for its efficiency and quality, Acomba X is the reference in the field of accounting management software. Combined with our expert tailored integration and the advantages of Cloud in SaaS (Software as a Service), Acomba X is a true asset to your business.


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Energize your customer relationships

Imagine a set of features that simplifies your business development. A technology that’s easy to learn and business solutions that are easy for your employees to use. This is the essence of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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The SaaS model (Software as a Service) enables you to benefit from software that’s ready to use. Following an analysis of client needs, Kezber configures and implements this Cloud service. We are responsible for the maintenance, updates, and repairs. SaaS is an effective solution and easy to acquire.

Cloud Services SAAS


In PaaS (Platform as a Service), Kezber provides an operating software platform developed as a Cloud service. For example, this solution may be the Windows operating system or an SQL database. The client only has to take care of maintaining its software.

Cloud Services PAAS


When operating an IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service), Kezber provides the private virtual machine as a Cloud service. This operating system and infrastructure is configured according to client needs. The client is responsible for the maintenance of the operating system and software.

Cloud Services IAAS

Collaborate to innovate

Keep your competitive edge by connecting your employees. With Office 365, you can reinforce the connections between your employees and develop the culture of your organization. Your company will gain flexibility while getting an edge on the competition.


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PAAS examples

  • Azure Web Sites
  • Azure Web Roles
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Online storage
  • Cloud backup

IAAS examples

  • Virtual private servers
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud applicative servers
  • Private virtual networks
  • Cloud server replication

Information on a human scale

Imagine that your company is working at the speed of your thoughts. SharePoint enables you to bring together ideas, information, analysis, and discussion in one place in real time, with synergy.


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