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Recognized for its efficiency and quality, Acomba X is the reference in the field of accounting management software. Combined with our expert tailored integration and the advantages of Cloud in SaaS (Software as a Service), Acomba X is a true asset to your business.

With our expertise, we can transfer your customized Acomba software, your hosted data, connectors, and  modules to the Cloud, so you don’t have to host and run the platform.

Benefits of Acomba X include universal and easy access to accounting information as well as increased performance that scales to your needs. Contact us to optimize and simplify your company’s accounting management with a customized Kezber solution.

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Accounting software that’s both comprehensive and scalable

The Acomba X Accounting Suite meets the needs of start-ups in addition to being a powerful solution for growing SMEs. Companies that choose Acomba X simplify their accounting management while relying on a comprehensive and flexible software.

Accounting transactions

Manage your business in compliance with accounting and government standards. Acomba X automates many accounting processes such as taxes, foreign currency, and bank reconciliation. Acomba X will speed up your accounting and reduce the risk of error.

Billing and receipt of payments

Create invoices quickly, collect payments of all types, track sums due to you, and organize your customer records with ease. Acomba X allows you to perform all these accounting operations with accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Products and suppliers

Manage your product list, create categories, and track the value of your inventory. Acomba X also allows you to keep an eye on amounts owed to suppliers and to pay your bills by electronic fund transfer. It's easy to stay current in the management of your accounts payable.

Budget monitoring

Compare your results with your budget in real time. A source of accounting information, Acomba X also allows you to compare your current results with those of previous years. You’ll be able to produce comprehensive financial statements.

Reports and analysis

Generate and analyze over 25 accounting reports with a single software. Acomba X helps you simplify your tasks and provides an accurate view of your financial situation: financial statements and account statements, tax reporting and payments, analysis of sales and salespeople, etc.

Security and access management

Control access to the information of your accounting software so that it can be viewed or modified by employees of your choice. Acomba X allows you to create roles and user profiles according to the information controls you wish to have in your business.

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