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With our state-of-the-art expertise and our technical support, you’ll never have to worry about the health of your data and the performance of your systems. We keep your business productive and safe.

Because your IT infrastructure is essential, we’ve honed our expertise for over 20 years in order to prevent major breakdowns through impeccable technical support.

At Kezber, we realized a long time ago that our clients’ first concern was not their IT infrastructure but its reliability and efficiency. That’s why we developed an integrated approach that begins with sound system architecture, specification, and the implementation of good equipment that meets the particular needs of each client. All this is combined with optimal networks, powerful software, and planning that leaves no room for the unexpected. Our approach is based on 20 years of continuous improvement and experience in IT infrastructure management as well as technical support.

When it comes to intelligent solutions for your IT infrastructure, Kezber goes beyond your expectations.

We serve our clients at all times and stand as the performance benchmark for hundreds of companies that choose us every day. Offering all the services and technical support necessary to maintain and optimize IT infrastructures, we partner with you in a way that inspires complete confidence.

Fixed-price service contracts

Our experts master complex situations and are experienced in virtualization, infrastructure migration to the Cloud, as well as equipment and data maintenance. To keep your infrastructure healthy and ensure continued performance, we offer fixed-price service contracts. High-quality technical support at all times is our business.

Added value in the management of IT infrastructures

Our support team’s expertise offers our clients added value in the management of their IT infrastructures. Our technical support teams provide assistance, define the issues, and proactively offer concrete solutions.

A full range of technical services

Our clients benefit every day from the daily monitoring of their systems, preventive computer maintenance, testing of backup performance, and onsite services for hardware and regular updates. For the smallest problem or question, our technical support team is quickly available by phone or onsite. The key is to be present at all times, even when all is well.