Goodbye Windows 7, hello Windows 10! Why your small business really needs a Windows upgrade

December 2, 2019

Windows 7 migration Windows 10

This is big news for companies still using this operating system. Since Microsoft is stopping their updates and security counter-measures, Windows 7 users will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks as hacking techniques will continue to evolve and rapidly break through all Windows 7 defences. Users will additionally face productivity challenges due to unresolved bugs, system slowdowns and incompatibility with new applications. So what should companies do?

Protect your business

It would be difficult to underestimate the costs of not transitioning away from Windows 7 before Microsoft ends extended support in January 2020. Without any security updates, you will be a sitting duck at the mercy of hackers and potentially very expensive data theft.

According to OneAffiniti’s 2019 annual report on business IT trends, although 72% of SMEs are aware that Windows 7 is nearing end-of-life, only 39% are prepared for the shift.

Why is this so important? The 39% of SMEs that are not prepared to leave Windows 7 are exposing themselves to four major risks:

1. Slow-running hardware
Windows 7 was not designed to run on recent computer equipment, which can cause slowdowns or even sudden shutdowns. These situations can hamper productivity if your team has to contend with slow machines.

2. Unfixable bugs
When Microsoft no longer provides patches, you will have nowhere to turn when bugs occur in Windows 7. In a company, these situations can quickly become a nightmare.

3. Cyberattacks
The end of Microsoft support also means the end of Windows 7 security updates. Given hackers’ notoriously fast adaptability, your data protection will soon start to look like Swiss cheese.

4. Software incompatibility
Many new applications and other software will be incompatible with the old Windows 7, which may prevent your team from accessing the tools and technologies they need.

Windows 10 to the rescue

Fortunately, the solution is simple: upgrade to Windows 10, with its advanced integrated security features and frequent security updates. Below are five reasons to install Windows 10 as soon as possible:

1. Windows 10 is easy to install
Upgrading to Windows 10 is simple. Just download the Microsoft media creation tool and follow the on-screen steps.

2. Windows 10 has a familiar interface
The Windows 10 user interface is very similar to Windows 7, so your team should be able to get back to work immediately.

3. Windows 10 is fast
Windows 10 boots quickly—you’ll forget all about Windows 7. When combined with the right equipment, Windows 10 also offers significantly higher computing power.

The operating system allows your computer to launch only software authorized by the original manufacturer, preventing malicious software from infiltrating your boot sequence.

4. Windows 10 delivers superior security
SMBs have a legal responsibility to protect their customers’ data and must comply with local data protection laws. When extended support ends for Windows 7 in January 2020, your business may no longer be in compliance with legal requirements. The good news is that Windows 10 offers several advanced security features that will help you protect your customers’ data.

Windows 10 gives you three powerful security tools, i.e., Secure Boot, Device Guard and Windows Hello, as well as added ransomware and threat protection. For example, Device Guard makes sure that Windows 10 can only run authorized applications. This is very effective in preventing your team from unintentionally downloading malicious software or viruses.

Windows 10 enhances productivity

It’s not just about security. Windows 10 also provides several new tools to boost your team’s productivity. Here are five of our favourites:

1. Authentication, now three times faster
Forget passwords. Devices can easily be unlocked by facial or fingerprint recognition.

2. Hands-free work mode
With speech recognition, you can dictate emails, notes and even professional presentations.

3. Easier organization
The Cortana virtual personal assistant can help you with a number of everyday tasks, such as managing your schedule.

4. Intuitive interface
Use a touch screen device and digital pen to take notes naturally, annotate documents, draw, scribble and edit texts.

5. Split screen
Easily display up to four windows on your screen, allowing you to work on multiple applications at once.

Wrapping up

The Windows virtual desktop allows you to offer your users a multi-session, virtualized Windows 10 environment on the cloud, making Windows 10 available on any device, offering easy capacity increases and ensuring that your system is always up-to-date.

To optimize the Windows 7 – Windows 10 transition in your business, do not hesitate to call on your IT consultant.

Lenovo, Kezber collaborator

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