Digital transformation: A trending solution to address challenges in the manufacturing sector

November 16, 2023

Digital transformation manufacturing companies

It's no longer an isolated fact: today, it's easy to say that the vast majority of companies in the manufacturing and industrial sector, whether in design, manufacturing, processing or production, are facing significant challenges that are limiting their productivity, growth, innovation and even sustainability.

The crippling labour shortage, supply problems, and the lack of high-performance tools adapted to modern realities are just some of the problems that have a major impact on company performance. Fortunately, we have the technology, know-how and expertise to develop solutions that can significantly reduce these impacts on manufacturing companies. Let's take a look at the benefits of modernizing businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Why is digital transformation important?

It has been proven that to remain productive, profitable, competitive and innovative, companies that focus on digital transformation by integrating business intelligence and business process automation, among other things, are more successful.

These two approaches are now part of the best practices of Industry 4.0.

But what is Industry 4.0? What is also known as the fourth industrial revolution is, in fact, a huge transformation of industrial operations that relies on the integration of advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, to improve the efficiency, productivity and agility of industrial processes.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial in improving efficiency, quality, decision-making and profitability in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

To better understand how business intelligence can be applied within a manufacturing company, here are a few examples of how it can be used:

  • Supply chain monitoring and optimization
  • Real-time monitoring of production lines
  • Reduced unplanned downtimes
  • Optimized production planning
  • Machine and equipment performance assessments
  • Analysis of customer trends
  • Generation of regulatory compliance reports
  • And much more!

Business intelligence can be used in many different applications—and the benefits are undeniable. It will rapidly become essential for manufacturing companies looking to stand out in their field and remain competitive. But how can BI be implemented? That's where Kezber's experts come in.

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Kezber: Local business intelligence experts

Business intelligence brings many benefits to the table. That's why Kezber offers to help companies in the manufacturing sector leverage BI technologies.

The Kezber difference? Our multi-disciplinary team has over 6 years of combined experience in business intelligence. In addition to offering ongoing support, our BI experts have the skills to analyze, extract, process and integrate data from inside and outside a company. Once this synchronization has been achieved, the same company no longer needs constant assistance from a professional, as the processing of its key performance indicators (KPIs) will take place automatically.

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Business process automation

Business process automation offers manufacturing sector companies many benefits, from cost reduction to improved quality, productivity and flexibility. It provides concrete solutions to workforce issues by automating specific repetitive tasks that don't add value to your business—and which were previously performed by people. It even plays an essential role in the competitiveness and growth of companies in the global marketplace.

But how does business process automation work in practice within a manufacturing company? Here are a few examples of tasks and processes that can be automated:

  • Requests for approval
  • Saving documents
  • Sorting emails
  • Sending alerts on production anomalies
  • Creating tasks
  • Partial completion of documents
  • Inventory management
  • Schedule management
  • Tracking staff vacation times
  • Payroll automation
  • And much more!

There are many different applications and advantages for businesses to automate processes.

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Why choose Kezber for your business process automation project?

Our experts understand the issues companies face in the manufacturing sector. When it comes to automating business processes, our teams listen to your reality and your needs. They recommend customized solutions that will have a tangible impact on your company's productivity and the day-to-day lives of those who work there.

At Kezber, we use Microsoft's Power Automate tool to deploy easy, low-cost business process automation strategies.
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