How do you encourage your employees to come back to the office?

September 21, 2023

Employees at the office

Working habits have been turned upside down in recent years, employees became more aware of the advantages that teleworking offers. However, face-to-face is important in a company in order to promote team cohesion, strengthen corporate culture, and encourage collaboration and communication. We therefore wanted to make our offices as comfortable and warm as home to make our team want to come to the office.

What are these advantages that make Kezberians want to come to the office so much?

  • Snacks for every taste

Didn't have time for lunch before leaving home or left the last pieces of fruits and vegetables for your kids? No problem! There's an abundance of carefully selected snacks available at the office! From fresh fruit baskets and energy bars to assortments of crunchy nuts and gourmet sweets, you can calm your food cravings.

  • Wide variety of free coffees and beverages

From lattes and espressos to teas and flavoured sparkling water (and even a little wine for Friday afternoons), we offer refreshing beverages. Our diversity of free beverages can help you get through every moment of the day—whether you are looking for a quick caffeine fix or some soothing comfort.

  • Relaxed collaborative spaces

Our workspaces have been intelligently designed to encourage sharing ideas and cooperation in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to creativity. From cozy nooks and open spaces to inspiring meeting rooms with whiteboards for brainstorming and lounges with comfortable couches, every aspect of our offices has been designed to help ideas flourish and projects come to fruition.

  • Ergonomic desks for greater comfort

With a focus on well-being, ergonomic desks are much more than just furniture. They represent an investment in employee comfort and health, offering optimal back support and an adjustable layout to suit every posture. Imagine working in an environment where concentration and productivity flourish naturally. Each workstation also includes 2 adjustable screens for highly productive working.

  • A breathtaking view and many amenities nearby

The location of our offices has been carefully chosen to provide a stimulating work environment. Our Magog office offers breathtaking panoramic views of Mont Orford and Lac Memphremagog, which offer a stunning backdrop and calm atmosphere conducive to creativity. Meanwhile, our Brossard office is located in the heart of the city with a view of the highway, highlighting the city's effervescence and dynamism. This office provides a contemplative break when the challenges seem to be piling up.

Our office locations also offer many nearby amenities. You can stop off for pastries before starting the day, browse the stores over dinner, or take advantage of the bike paths for an invigorating moment to yourself. Nearby grocery stores also make shopping a breeze. It all adds up to a great work-life balance.

  • Access to gym and showers

Commitment to health is at the heart of our approach. By offering free access to our modern gyms and showers, we aim to encourage an active, balanced routine. Whether it's for a fun session before work or a well-earned relaxation afterward, this space is perfect to keep you energized.

  • An active social committee 100% funded by Kezber

Our dynamic social committee orchestrates a wide range of events: cocktail hours, pizza dinners, sugar shacks, Christmas parties, and our legendary Kezberday. These high-octane times between colleagues go beyond mere get-togethers; they create a strong community where you can discover each other's personalities in a non-work environment.

  • Video and board games for everyone

Moments of relaxation and brain-somewhat-off moments are encouraged by a well-stocked collection of modern video games and timeless board games. From joyful competition to playful cooperation, these activities become an enjoyable way to strengthen bonds and take a well-deserved break.

  • Free parking

To make getting around as easy and hassle-free as possible, our offices offer free parking for all.

  • Passionate, experienced colleagues

The Human Resources team carefully selects each member of our team based on their perfect fit with the values Kezber encourages. Each colleague is an expert in their field and holds a deep passion for what they do. It's as if each person were tailor-made to bring their own unique touch to the eclectic mix that makes our work environment such a lively and inspiring place.

After reading about these benefits, you are probably wondering what impact they have had in our business. There are certainly many laughs every day and we feel the well-being and complicity of the team. These advantages certainly succeed in creating a beautiful atmosphere where pleasure and productivity coexist. We can say... mission accomplished!

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