Kezber earns 4 Microsoft Solutions Partner badges

September 13, 2023

Microsoft badges

At the end of 2022, the Microsoft Partner Program received a breath of fresh air thanks to a complete rebranding and a new classification of its partners. The Gold and Silver designations have disappeared to make way for the following 6 new designations, which offer more precise details about partner company expertise:

  • Solutions partner for Business Applications
  • Solutions partner for Data and AI (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Digital and App Innovation (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Security
  • Solutions partner for Modern Work

We have managed to obtain 4 of these 6 badges (those in bold above)! The other 2 are in the process of being obtained.

What does this mean?

These badges certify that we have the skills and experience needed to support our customers in:

  • Data analysis and artificial intelligence
  • Design, development and deployment of cloud solutions on Azure
  • Design and management of cloud infrastructure solutions using Azure, such as resource management, networks, security and storage services
  • Adoption and integration of Microsoft technologies designed to improve productivity and collaboration within organizations (Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive)

Microsoft awards badges are based on several criteria, including the number of deployments and the work quality.

The number of Microsoft certifications obtained by employees is also a key success factor. In particular, we're very proud of our team, which has obtained a total of 57 intermediate and advanced Microsoft certifications!

Our Microsoft badges are proof that we have both the technical knowledge and field experience to carry out any type of project. They demonstrate the extent of our expertise! Contact us today to learn more!

Spreading the magic of Christmas with the Kezber advent calendar

Spreading the magic of Christmas with the Kezber advent calendar

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A new digital image for Les Fantastiques thanks to the Kezber Social Innovation

A new digital image for Les Fantastiques thanks to the Kezber Social Innovation

L’organisme Les Fantastiques, un centre d’activités de jour dédié aux personnes vivant avec une déficience intellectuelle, a dévoilé le 20 novembre dernier son tout nouveau site web ! Le programme Kezber Innovation Sociale est fier de leur avoir permis cette transformation numérique qui va bien au-delà de la simple présence en ligne...

Company clothing

Why do we offer Kezber clothing to our employees?

At Kezber, we have a wide range of clothing in our corporate colours. There's something for everyone, from simple t-shirts to professional shirts, cotton fleeces, caps and socks.

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