Managed IT Services: Why Outsource the Management of Your IT Infrastructure?

September 28, 2021

Services informatiques gérés

Rapid technological shifts can put a strain on companies that don't have the budget or means for a dedicated IT department. As a result, these companies are faced with a slew of IT gaps and challenges that affect the rapid, personalized services that keep them competitive. Often, these organizations have no idea where to start, how to catch up, or even how to maintain their current IT assets securely. It's for this reason that managedIT services exist.

What are managed IT services?

Simply put, these services constitute an arrangement whereby a company outsources its major IT operations to a specialized vendor.

Essentially, outsourcing to a managed service provider frees you from complex IT and technical burdens, giving you back time and resources to focus on your operations. Moreover, these services save you the trouble of keeping your systems up to date. You'll have experts by your side every step of the way, advising your many tech decisions and remedying your IT headaches.

Of course, IT services differ from one provider to the next. Generally, they include the supervision and management of networks, servers, and IT infrastructure. Additionally, your managed service provider usually takes care of software management and implementation, security backups, and technical support (help desk) during working hours.

A good supplier goes a step further by taking charge of remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, network and server optimization, ordering and configuring IT equipment, and 24/7 help desk support.

Not stopping there, Kezber offers even more services to support your digital transformation. Our managed IT services include a security policy, phishing awareness, a recovery plan, IT health check documentation, user management, access management and licensing, a quarterly business review (QBR), and a communications technology roadmap (CTR) produced by a certified specialist.

Establishing a service agreement

We live in the digital age. For businesses to keep up to speed, they must have access to competitive IT support—company data, transactions, insights, projects, and day-to-day operations rely on it.

Unquestionably, choosing the right managed service provider is critical to your operations. Often, you have to look beyond the price tag to make a smart selection. A healthy digital transformation requires diverse, reliable, flexible expertise that can level up your business. In short, you must understand fully what your managed service provider offers.

Some providers offer different service packages with various inclusions. Others, such as Kezber, offer an all-inclusive service to facilitate management and avoid gray areas. Often, this type of turnkey agreement is more economical.

Also, remember to look at the proximity of the supplier. With offices strategically situated in Estrie, Montreal, and Centre-Du-Québec, Kezber can quickly deploy a technician many places across the province.

The benefits of outsourcing IT services

Simplified operations

Managed services relieve much of the burden on your internal IT team. With the help of managed IT services, issues are usually resolved on the same day, avoiding production slowdowns and allowing your internal IT department to focus more on day-to-day operations.

Certified, diversified expertise

By opting for managed services, your company gains access to a network of skilled and certified IT professionals. Additionally, with the current labour shortage, companies are having difficulty finding employees and may not always need full-time experts (further complicating the hiring process). By contracting an IT company to manage your assets, you can rest easy knowing competent experts are available 24/7.


This point may come as a surprise to many businesses: a managed service provider is, in fact, more cost-effective than hiring a full-time IT employee.

Many new businesses and SMEs have to contend with tight budgets. It's therefore crucial that all resources are used as efficiently as possible. Ask yourself if you genuinely need a full-time in-house IT team. With an outsourced IT department, resources are only going into the work that needs to be performed. And should an emergency arise, you know you're in good hands.

Additionally, the expertise of a multidisciplinary team resolves issues more quickly than a small IT department. Count on rapid recovery, less time lost, and more money in your business's pocket.

24/7 support

In-house IT technicians can't always keep tabs on your systems, especially after hours and during vacation. 24/7 managed services give you peace of mind, minimizing downtime resulting from an IT blunder.

Better expertise

Today's businesses understand that IT evolves and transforms at a rapid pace. Every day, new advancements and innovations move information technology forward. With all this in mind, ask yourself it your business is benefiting from the most cutting-edge tools available. When you outsource your IT management, you needn't worry about any of this. Professionals with years of expertise remain by your side, ensure your business takes strides in the right direction.

Better security for your business

Outsourcing managed IT services to the right provider means 24/7 support and monitoring from highly skilled experts. Having a knowledgeable team on board (as opposed to a single technician) dramatically reduces the risks associated with hackers and data breaches.

At Kezber, our managed services include virus and phishing surveillance, phishing training, and testing to ensure your team is aware of risks and security breaches.

About Kezber's managed IT services

Free your business from IT headaches with Kezber! Our diverse team and scope of services span technological frontiers. Rest easy knowing any IT emergency will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Help Desk for your infrastructure, workstations, users, equipment, software, access, etc.
  • Integration and technical documentation
  • Remote monitoring, updating, and maintenance
  • System performance optimization
  • Security policy and data management
  • Disaster response and recovery plan
  • Implementation of best cybersecurity practices
  • Phishing support and awareness program
  • Communications technology roadmap (CTR)
  • Quarterly business review (QBR)
  • Access to experts with diverse skillsets
  • Performance analyzes and reports
  • A flexible, human approach
  • Services always on time!


Outsourcing your IT management is an efficient, cost-effective way to access a range of tech expertise. Equip your business with the most current technologies and ensure they're being used to their full potential (all without having to contend with them daily).

At Kezber, we offer more than just technical support—our Premium Secure IT service contract includes strategic planning to help you achieve your digital transformation goals. Learn more about the benefits of letting Kezber take charge of your IT fleet.

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