PRESS RELEASE: KEZBER announces the launch of the first website for its KSI social innovation initiative

April 22, 2021


Magog, April 22, 2021 – To lend its support to socially involved foundations and organizations throughout Quebec, Kezber in 2020 committed to providing non-profits with web solutions, including branding and content strategy. Established in partnership with Lacosta Communications, the three-year initiative will provide services totalling $250,000.

Athlétisme Sherbrooke: the KSI program’s first recipient

At the program’s launch, an NPO was selected according to its community impact along with other well-defined criteria.

"Athlétisme Sherbrooke was selected for its 35-year involvement in the community. It currently assists more than 400 people of all ages including para-athletes and student athletes in sport-study programs. It’s the first in a long list of organizations that we want to help,” says Edward Kezber, KSI program manager.

Thanks to Kezber's KSI program and Lacosta, Athlétisme Sherbrooke is the first organization to receive a customized website, fully designed for free. Armed with the new platform, it can continue its mission of supporting athletes in a safe, stimulating, and healthy environment.

“Athlétisme Sherbrooke is very grateful for Kezber’s social innovation program. Thanks to Kezber and Lacosta, our new website perfectly captures our identity. Moreover, we’ve benefited from all the valuable advice related to user experience. Now, it’s even easier for people to discover our programs. We’re currently developing exciting athletics projects in the Estrie, and our new site is the perfect platform to promote them. And not to mention, the launch of the new site coincides with registrations for our youth activities starting in May,” says Judith Lefebvre, Executive Director of Athlétisme Sherbrooke.

Applications open to all Quebec NPOs

With the province on lockdown, Kezber is concerned about Quebec’s non-profits suffering the consequences. Often, these organizations rely heavily on fundraising activities that simply aren’t possible during a pandemic.

Hoping all Quebec organizations get the support they need to continue their missions, Kezber invites non-profits to apply for their KPI social innovation program: To learn more about the initiative, head here:


Chantale Clavelle

Additional information:

Wanting to make a difference for organizations during these difficult times, Kezber has set up a program specifically for NPOs.

“As we’re socially engaged in the areas where our offices are located—namely Magog, Brossard, and Drummondville—we frequently receive sponsorship requests from foundations and non-profits. For me, it is important to do more and offer real solutions that help organizations get closer to their objectives. Our team brings together more than 100 web and IT specialists, all recognized as the best in their fields. With our KSI program, we’re lending our expertise to NPOs and helping them make a real difference,” says Alan Kezber, founder and president of Kezber.

He adds, “We want to thank our partner Lacosta, a marketing and communications agency that shares our values ​​and is generously involved in a project that’s so close to my heart. With its help, we’re providing NPOs with industry-leading websites, content strategies, and graphic design support. When it comes to creating powerful tools for organizations that matter, we cover all bases.”

The KSI selection committee recently chose the first recipient of a custom website developed on Kezber’s Horizon platform. “Our Horizon web platform was developed specifically to meet the needs of foundations and NPOs. It allows them to effectively manage activities and events, teams and volunteers, memberships, sales, and fundraising with security and transparency,” says Eric Murray, a Horizon platform engineer.


IT experts and innovators for 25 years, Kezber today employs nearly 100 specialists in its offices in Magog, Brossard, and Drummondville. It specializes in custom app development, business intelligence (BI), Cloud computing, and IT support and security outsourcing.

Lacosta Communications

A marketing agency specializing in corporate and communication strategy. Member of the Magog Technopole IT community.

Athlétisme Sherbrooke

Operating for more than 35 years, Athlétisme Sherbrooke is a non-profit organization that offers athletes of all ages and experience levels a stimulating connection with the world of sports. The club has more than 30 coaches and trainers, many of whom are renowned nationally and internationally. With more than 400 athletes of different levels, Athlétisme Sherbrooke is recognized as a leading training centre in numerous disciplines. Whether training competitively or recreationally, members have access to some of the best facilities and athletics support in Eastern Canada. Athlétisme Sherbrooke is also one of the only clubs in Quebec that covers all athletic disciplines. The club also oversees a Para-Athletics initiative as well as a Sport-Studies program recognized by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.

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A new digital image for Les Fantastiques thanks to the Kezber Social Innovation

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