Press release: Kezber Courts the American Market

November 19, 2020

Kezber séduit le marché américain

Magog, November 11, 2020 — On November 2, Kezber launched its first cloud computing solution designed with features addressing workplace changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Dedicated to helping businesses across Canada, the United States, and of course, back home in Quebec, the solution manages teams and plans projects efficiently amid new operational realities.

Recently, Kezber approached companies of all sizes facing productivity challenges both at operational and managerial levels resulting from the pandemic. Immediately, businesses in California, New York, and Chicago expressed interest in adopting this new solution.

"Like many businesses in Quebec, these US companies are quite concerned about maintaining profitability while respecting health and safety protocols brought about by Covid-19," notes Alan Kezber, president of the company that bears his name.

Reorganizing the workplace in the era of Covid-19
For Kezber's three branches in Quebec, the pandemic has brought about an entirely new way of working as a team. Indeed, it's a reality shared by a vast majority of companies around the world. Of course, given that Kezber is already well versed in collaborating in a cloud computing environment, its transition to teleworking went smoothly, and it continues to serve its customers without any hiccups.

To ensure its employees' safety, Kezber's management wanted a tool that would meet specific needs brought about by Covid-19. These include managing office attendance and maintaining health-and-safety practices according to government guidelines.

Innovative solutions designed for the pandemic
"Even before the start of the pandemic, one of our development teams was working hard on a project that would eventually become ClearBench, a custom application designed specifically to maximize our internal productivity," says Sophie Benjamin, director of application development at Kezber.

She continues, "The project began when we were looking for a team-planning and management solution but couldn't find any on the market that met our criteria. Now, after nearly two years of development and testing, we're ready to launch this new cloud-based solution so businesses everywhere can optimize their performance too. I'm most proud of how this project combines our team's knowledge and expertise related to business analysis, security, and Agile software development. It was a collaborative effort through and through. We really raised the bar on innovation."

With the arrival of Covid-19, the development teams immediately knew that they would have to integrate functionalities adapted to a new way of working. Kezber believes that teleworking and collaboration via the cloud are crucial in modernizing a business—and that this will remain the case even after the pandemic.

Kezber's mission to increase productivity
With ClearBench, Kezber developed a cloud-based solution to meet its performance goals. Since the solution's implementation, the company has seen a 40% increase in its development and technical support teams' productivity. Recognizing how powerful a tool they have on their hands, Kezber is eager to share it with businesses throughout North America that also want to optimize team performance and manage projects effectively.

Alan Kezber speaks proudly of the initiative, "Our mission is to help companies increase productivity through innovation. With the launch of our first software solution, ClearBench, we aim not only to help companies maximize profitability but also to optimize leadership among team players, thus paving the way for a more modern workplace."

A testament to how much Kezber cares about productivity is its recent placement as a finalist in the "Increased Productivity" category at the Mercuriades2020 — Quebec's most prestigious business competition, which celebrates innovation, ambition, entrepreneurship, and the success of local businesses.


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Director of marketing

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