The IT reality of Québec manufacturing companies: Navigating between legacy and modern technology

November 14, 2023

legacy IT

Québec, renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and economic dynamism, is home to many manufacturing companies. These companies, essential drivers of the economy, have evolved over the decades, developing the skills, processes and, of course, IT systems that have supported their growth.

However, with the rapid technological evolution of recent years, many of these companies find themselves with legacy IT and management systems. Though robust and proven, these solutions can be a brake on innovation and optimization of operations. The challenge lies in the fact that these systems are deeply integrated into day-to-day operations, making any significant change both risky and costly.

Maintaining these old systems—without modernizing them or finding new solutions—means running the risk of losing competitiveness, efficiency and, ultimately, profits. Companies are therefore faced with a dilemma: how to embrace contemporary IT solutions without disrupting their current operations?

This is where we come in. Our teams have the expertise to analyze your existing tools and propose the solution best suited to your needs and reality. When current technology allows, rather than suggesting a complete overhaul of existing IT stacks, we propose an innovative approach: the development of customized applications that can integrate seamlessly with existing systems. This approach enables companies to benefit from the advantages of modern technologies, such as automation, advanced data analysis, and contemporary user interfaces, without sacrificing the efficiency of their established processes.

By calling on our team of experts, manufacturing companies in Québec, the rest of Canada and even the USA can begin a smooth transition to the modern digital world. They can then maximize their operations, remain competitive and prepare for tomorrow's challenges—all based on a solid, proven technological heritage.

Here are just a few of the benefits we bring to our customers by modernizing their technological assets:

  1. Optimized operations:
    By incorporating modern technologies into existing systems, companies can streamline their processes, eliminating bottlenecks and boosting productivity.

  2. Informed decision-making:
    With advanced data analysis tools, manufacturing companies can gain valuable insights into their operations, enabling them to make strategic decisions based on accurate data.

  3. Cost reduction:
    Better integration and automation of systems often lead to reduced errors and redundancies, resulting in significant savings in the short-, medium- and long-term.

  4. Flexibility and scalability:
    By adopting customized solutions, companies can ensure that their systems are flexible and can evolve in line with changing market needs and business growth.

  5. Improved customer satisfaction:
    Smoother operations and better data management enable a faster, more accurate response to customer needs, improving overall satisfaction and loyalty.

  6. Enhanced security:
    Modern technologies offer advanced security protocols, ensuring that sensitive data and company operations are protected from external threats.

  7. Increased competitiveness:
    In a globalized market, keeping technologically up to date is essential to maintaining and even increasing market share. By integrating modern technologies, companies can position themselves favourably against the competition.

  8. Preparing for the future:
    The manufacturing world is constantly evolving with the emergence of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and artificial intelligence. Having a system that can quickly adapt to these innovations ensures longevity and continued relevance in the industrial landscape.

  9. Valuing employees:
    By equipping their teams with the most modern and practical tools, companies can increase employee motivation and productivity—and mitigate turnover.

  10. Smooth transitions:
    With an integrative approach, companies need not fear major disruptions. They can move forward at their own pace, ensuring a smooth transition to modernity.

While the challenge of modernizing systems may seem challenging, the potential benefits for manufacturing companies are immense.

Kezber: An experienced partner

For over 25 years, we've been developing customized applications, specializing in modernizing technological assets to optimize business operations—all while respecting existing technologies.

We have the experience to understand just how important it is to choose the right IT partner. To make this critical choice, a company needs to be confident that the supplier has the experience, the skills, and, above all, the expertise to analyze and understand needs. The right IT partner will commit to delivering on time and within budget.

Here's our approach that makes Kezber a partner you can rely on:

  • In-depth needs analysis:
    Before any intervention, it is essential to assess the company's needs and constraints thoroughly. A clear understanding of existing processes and the objectives to be achieved will enable us to recommend appropriate solutions.

  • Clear development plan:
    We then draw up a detailed plan for the project, defining stages, milestones, responsibilities and deliverables. This ensures that all stakeholders have a clear vision of the project and that it stays on track. Nothing is left to chance, and we opt for an empathetic approach to users.

  • Agile management:
    Our experts adopt an agile approach to development, enabling us to adjust solutions in line with feedback and evolving needs quickly. This ensures maximum flexibility while keeping the project aligned with corporate objectives.

  • Pilots and prototypes:
    Before complete implementation, we test solutions on a small scale to identify and correct any problems. Our goal is to minimize operational disruption as much as possible.

  • Ongoing training:
    We offer training to users of our custom-developed solutions to ensure that they are comfortable with the new technologies. We believe that the appropriate training can also help minimize resistance to change.

  • Technical support and follow-ups:
    Our experts offer responsive and efficient technical support to resolve any problems that may arise, minimizing downtime quickly.

  • Regular updates:
    We ensure that our solutions are always up to date with the latest technological advances, reducing the risk of obsolescence.

  • Documentation:
    We provide detailed documentation of processes, tools and changes to make them easier to understand and manage.

  • Rigorous security practices:
    We integrate robust security protocols to protect data and systems from the outset. We conduct regular security audits to ensure the integrity of our solutions.

  • Effective and transparent communication:
    We maintain open communication with the company throughout the process to ensure that expectations are clear among all stakholders and concerns are addressed promptly.

  • Gradual adoption:
    We can offer a phased integration approach rather than changing everything at once, enabling the company to adjust and adopt the new solutions progressively.

  • Performance monitoring:
    We listen to the company's feedback to gather its concerns and suggestions. With this feedback, we can adjust our solutions accordingly.

Our skills and approach, backed by over 25 years of experience, foster a smoother, more secure technology transition for manufacturing companies, maximizing the benefits of a new customized solution and minimizing the associated risks.

Looking to modernize your tools? Our experts are ready to guide you toward solutions that best fit your needs.

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