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October 26, 2020

Modern Workplace

This year, one of the most important changes in business world was the sudden and widespread adoption of teleworking, but this sharp transition has given rise to an even more important movement in our companies: one of digital transformation.

During the past months, companies that were already a step ahead in this process have taken advantage of this edge and have been able to maintain a high level of productivity. Collaboration and efficiency have been compounded by new cloud computing solutions.

The snowball effect has begun. We expect that the necessary adoption of telework technology will encourage companies to opt for even more until they achieve full digital transformation. The workplace will then become where you choose to work, not where you go to work. You will be connected to your data in real time and supported by artificial intelligence that will provide insights and automatically make decisions for you. The members of the organization will then be in constant collaboration and will work in a transparent and secure manner. Now is the time for your business to pursue this digital transformation that is quickly becoming a prerequisite for staying competitive.

For several years now, small, medium-sized, and even large companies have made changes to the way they work for various reasons.

Whether to maximize team productivity; to offer a better quality of life to employees by enabling them to work from the location of their choice for better work-family balance; or to avoid wasting time when travelling – these companies have chosen digital transformation to exploit all the advantages of working in a cloud computing environment.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that had not already revamped their ways of working have had to adjust quickly. New ways of working and managing are a big step towards modernization and will very soon become the new norm for managing companies in most industry sectors.

By adopting new digital ways of working, companies quickly gained several advantages at various levels. Here are a few examples:

  • Simplifying ways of working
  • Improving communication and collaboration, even in telecommuting mode
  • Improving organization with shared calendars
  • Improving informed decision-making by all those with such a role
  • Elevating managerial leadership
  • Increasing the level of commitment and involvement of each employee
  • File sharing decreasing time wasted
  • Securing all company files and data
  • Increasing the level of engagement and involvement of each employee
  • Heightening team synergy
  • Reducing the use of paper out of concern for the environment
  • Increasing productivity with a major positive impact on corporate profitability

There are so many benefits for companies and their employees from this new way of working, which has come to be known as the modern workplace– a workplace that aims to optimize communication, collaboration, management, engagement, involvement, security ... and more. The modern workplace enables companies to modernize and improve their business processes.

Change Management to ensure the success of this shift to modernization

A transformative shift to modernization requires that executives and managers adopt a new vision; a broad, strategic vision that enables employees to make the right decisions autonomously with technological support and complete, transparent collaboration. Change management is a process whereby the company prepares for organizational change, establishes a concrete action plan, implements changes, ensures their adoption and, finally, measures change effectiveness.

It is not enough to just introduce new technological tools; you must ensure a high adoption rate within the company to benefit from all the advantages and to optimize productivity. This organizational change is fundamental work that must be well thought out.

A firm of IT experts, like Kezber, can guide your shift in a thoughtful and well-integrated process centred on the attainment of your objectives. Our support for your transition includes

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Recommendations of the best technological options
  • Business analysis for the accessibility of your strategic data
  • Installation
  • Training of your team members
  • Technical support

Where to start

To engineer a successful organizational change, start gradually by first introducing simple tools and applications that will serve as the foundation for the next steps.

It goes without saying, at the very least, the equipment necessary to work properly in this modern workplace is required. Consider standardizing your IT purchases in order to facilitate their installation and management. Take advantage of the situation to incorporate project management software.

Continue your transition with the Microsoft 365 cloud solution. Sharing and storing documents directly in the cloud are essential functions for efficient organization in the modern workplace. By combining the applications and multiple features of Microsoft 365, you will be able to implement a new high-performing, collaborative, and secure work strategy. In addition to sharing documents in the cloud, you will appreciate being able to simultaneously co-edit documents and manage their access and editing rights.

Collaboration will act as an accelerator and even become the cornerstone of your digital transformation. With a collaboration app such as Microsoft Teams (included in Microsoft 365), you can invite everyone you work with to chat, videoconference, share screens, collaborate on documents, and meet virtually – any time, anywhere.

This progression will also change attitudes within your work teams. The transparency and accessibility of data will allow you to elevate the roles of your managers and improve their decision-making abilities. With telecommuting on the rise, it is important to keep teams informed about project progress, changes in client behaviour, and even accounting ratios. Microsoft Power BI (also available in Microsoft 365) allows you to automatically generate dynamic reports in order to visualize all your business data in real time. In addition to providing a range of tools to perform BI (business intelligence) in the cloud, the application allows the addition of artificial intelligence to detect trends and make decisions even before situations arise.

In the modern workplace, manual data entry is reduced to a minimum since your applications are interconnected. Inter-application exchange within your company, and even with your partners and suppliers, will make your business processes much more effective. For optimal productivity growth, choose a customized application that will allow you to precisely meet your organizational challenges.

Kezber – by your side, from start to finish

Digital transformation does not represent the same challenges for everyone. We are aware that it is not easy and that it involves a lot of resources and therefore entails some apprehension. Our agile methodology will improve your processes gradually and in stages. Whether it’s migrating your applications to cloud computing or integrating new technologies such as BI into your processes, we will first take the time to analyze your objectives in order to find the best scalable solution for you.

Our mission goes far beyond providing you with the technological tools necessary for digital transformation. We promise you the support you need to ensure the success of this important transition from start to finish.

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