Why do we offer Kezber clothing to our employees?

November 27, 2023

Company clothing

At Kezber, we have a wide range of clothing in our corporate colours. There's something for everyone, from simple t-shirts to professional shirts, cotton fleeces, caps and socks.

Why did we decide to offer these clothes to employees?

  • A sense of belonging and team cohesion

One of the main reasons we have chosen to offer clothing to employees at Kezber is to strengthen the sense of belonging and cohesion within our team. We firmly believe that a united team is more productive and fulfilled. By proudly displaying our corporate colours and logo, our employees feel part of a community, which helps create a positive and stimulating work environment.

  • Representing the company when with customers and at events

When our employees wear our customized clothing, they become ambassadors for our brand, whether interacting with our customers on a daily basis or attending professional events. This consistent representation reinforces our brand image and conveys a message of professionalism and trust to our customers.

  • Simplify the task of choosing what to wear

Everyday life is stressful enough, and the simple task of choosing an outfit can become a burden. By offering corporate clothing, we eliminate this unnecessary stress for our employees. They no longer have to worry about what to wear every morning!

  • To spoil our team—because everyone deserve it

Finally, we've chosen to offer these garments to our employees simply because they deserve them. Our team is the heart of the company, and we want to reward them for their dedication and hard work. Personalized corporate clothing is a tangible way of showing our appreciation for their contribution to our success, and we're happy to reward them in this way.

Last month, we took the concept a step further by creating exclusive items for the project team of a client mandate. All employees involved in the project received a t-shirt and a backpack with a logo specially developed for the project. A total of 17 Kezber employees proudly wore these items during the hard work that went into getting the client project online. What a great team spirit!

Finally, the team does appreciate the option of wearing corporate clothing. They all receive an annual budget with which they can purchase the Kezber items they want. They can renew their wardrobes year after year!

Several other advantages are offered to Kezberians. To discover them, consult the article How to encourage your employees to come back to the office.

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