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Have you been recognized for your leadership, management and organizational skills for many years? Have you been navigating the world of programming and projects for as long as you can remember? We’re glad to hear it, as Kezber is currently looking for a Director of Development. As a member of the managerial team, you will play a key role in the management, organization and planning of the daily activities of the work teams to ensure the efficiency and quality of the operations. You’ill ensure the support, training, follow-up and smooth running of operations to contribute to the success of your department. You’ll also act as a consultant for major projects and ensure that the level of service offered is in line with established standards. Among your duties, you’ll perform personnel management activities while effectively communicating the company’s vision and values through your activities.

A positive leader

At Kezber, we believe that it is the strengths of each individual that lead us to achieve our goals. As a Director of Application Development, you’ll be able to mobilize and motivate your team towards achieving innovation in an atmosphere of respect and fun (yes, we know how to combine professionalism and fun!)

Through our dynamic work environment, you’ll be expected to provide structure by ensuring that the department’s operational planning is aligned with tactical planning. This planning will be done in close collaboration with your development team and with management. At times, you may even collaborate with the sales team by bringing your expertise to accompany them in presale mode.

Your department will perform well because you are someone:

  • Who gets involved through a strategic vision
  • Who knows how to motivate their employees to follow a vision
  • Who knows how to support and guide people in their tasks to lead them to self-sufficiency
  • Who uses effective work methodologies to achieve goals
  • Who has an innovative and analytic vision
  • Who is performance- and results-oriented.
  • Who is energetic and dynamic by going straight to the point!
  • Who communicates well and performs rigorous follow-ups, all in agile mode!

Act as a proud customer representative

For more than 25 years, we have been guiding companies in their technological evolution, and in the process, have been exceeding their expectations when it comes to budgets and deadlines! In your role, you will be responsible for ensuring that our customers are satisfied at all times. You may even be asked to represent the company at business, community or online events.

Our vision of management

If you have great confidence in your team members, we believe that your management style will fit in very well with our culture!

At Kezber, you’ll act as a mentor for your department and support your work teams in the pursuit of corporate objectives. You’ll be called upon to collaborate with the human resources team on career plans. You’ll also participate in the recruitment process to strengthen your teams.

Do we share the same values and are we driven by the same enthusiasm to achieve motivating goals? Then we look forward to meeting you!


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or business computing
  • You have at least 10 years’ experience in IT, including 5 years as a team manager
  • You are perfectly bilingual
  • You have experience in development/programming
  • You have good knowledge of the following tools:
    o Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook)
    o ConnectWise management system


  • You have the ability to navigate within a growing SME, which requires agility, flexibility and the ability to react quickly
  • You have a good business sense and the desire to get involved
  • You can delegate with control
  • Your natural analytical skills allow you to draw well-thought-out conclusions
  • You are recognized for your leadership and team spirit!
  • You have solid organizational, analytical and time management skills.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication, and ability to make information understandable
  • Your ability to analyze and synthesize is one of your strengths
  • You have the ability to work under tight deadlines while remaining flexible
  • You are described as self-sufficient, rigorous and with good priority management

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