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The team leader coordinates the work of staff under his or her responsibility based on management’s guidance. At a high level, the team leader’s responsibilities include assisting individuals with their professional development plan. The position requires the team leader to participate in organizing and supervising daily work. The team leader will be involved in developing and monitoring processes and delivery plans. This role’s contribution will be to ensure that high quality standards are met, foster constant synergy between people, and allow individuals to develop and benefit from the adapted tools and assignments.

Administrative follow-up with resources —90% Team Lead/10% Management

  • Attendance and blocker tracking (daily)​
  • Approval of time sheets and expense accounts​
  • Reconciliation and approval of leave and vacation requests ​

Contribute to assigning resources —80% Team Lead/20% Management

  • Assessment of the interest and ability of potential resources for various assignments
  • Recommendation to management (or direct supervisor if applicable) in the event of a competing opportunity

Oversee the delivery and health status of certain initiatives.70% Team Lead/30% Direction

  • Accuracy of information about progress (collaboration with PM)
  • Propose solutions to roadblocks encountered (escalation IT -> PM-> TL)
  • Advice on resource allocation/reassignment
    - Upcoming assignments
    -Current assignments

Act as a mentor and support the resource training plan —75% Team Lead/25% Management

  • Guide technicians in dealing with blockers (daily)
  • Monitor resources regularly for the KPIs in place and support them in achieving them
  • Review individual and group KPIs with various stakeholders to ensure they are optimal
  • Retrieve information about the performance of assignments
    -Compile lessons learned at the end of projectsRecommend relevant training to meet specific challenges encountered during assignments
    -Reconcile observations for periodic evaluation
    -Conduct annual performance reviews
    -Lead interventions when corrective measures are needed

Collaborate with management through input and recommendations for process improvement. —50% Team Lead/50% Management

  • Management of expertise availability
  • Resource capacity management
  • Assessment methods for endeavors
  • Project execution strategies
  • Monitoring the progress in assignments (service, project outsourcing)
  • Short and longer term training needs

Contribute to the selection and induction of new IT team members —70% Team Lead/30% Management

  • Review work tools (equipment and access)
    -CW, CB, Folks, Teams, DevOps, KerberCore,
  • Review the application of policies and internal processes
  • Conduct team member introductions
  • Confirm performance evaluation and professional development principles


  • You understand the main functions of business management.
  • You have sound strategic thinking.
  • You have a knack for finding innovative solutions.
  • You are known to be objective and determined.
  • You understand people well.
  • You have a high tolerance for stress.
  • You hold a driver’s licence.
  • Bilingualism (French and English) is essential.


  • You communicate well, both orally and in writing.
  • In difficult situations, you show managerial courage.
  • You’re well known for your leadership, thoroughness and diligence.
  • You’re a team player who mobilizes others.
  • You can effectively prioritize tasks.
  • You’re comfortable working on multiple projects at the same time.
  • You can easily adapt to a changing environment.

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