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You enjoy working in a team, especially with product managers, project managers and other members of the application development team. You firmly believe that agility is the key to delivering quality solutions. Do you enjoy working in software development and have a keen interest in project management? Kezber offers you the opportunity to take the lead as a Scrum Master! Reporting to the Development Director, you'll assist the team in the delivery cycle of products and systems while respecting agility principles and project management constraints.

Scrum Master

  • You will advise the development team on self-organization and Agile methodologies.
  • You will provide constant support during the iterative development process.
  • You will measure and collect velocity data for the team.
  • You will guide and support the team in improving work processes.
  • You will ensure that the main obstacles to the development team's progress are removed.
  • You will mobilize team members.
  • You will act as a coach within your team in estimating and breaking down tasks.
  • You will also support the Product Owner in maintaining and planning product backlog.
  • You will assist the Product Owner in respecting the delivery schedule.
  • You will facilitate Scrum events.
  • You will collaborate with your colleagues to increase the effectiveness of applying Agile principles within the organization.
  • You will ensure proactive and effective communication at all levels of the project.
  • You will uphold the company's vision and values.
  • At times, you will visit clients for specific jobs (as required).
  • You will stay current on the latest industry news and trends.

If you're also interested in programming

  • You will work on producing, modifying and/or updating custom IT programs according to specifications.
  • You will perform unit tests to ensure compliance with internal programming standards and client requirements.
  • You will conduct regular task evaluations and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • You will maintain and optimize our clients' existing programs and software.


  • You have a DEC in Computer Science, one or more postgraduate certificates or a Bachelor's degree in IT.
  • You're able to lead a team to achieve its goals.
  • You're skilled in active communication.
  • As a decision maker, you can act in a neutral manner.
  • You know how to control the risks of decision making.
  • You're not afraid to make changes to the plan when required.
  • You're punctual and organized and like to lead productive meetings (Sprint Planning, Daily, Sprint Review, etc.)
  • You have earned PSM 1 certification.
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of relevant Agile experience as a Scrum Master.
  • You are bilingual.

Additional skills

  • You have good knowledge of ASP.NET MVC and C#.
  • You have mastered Microsoft technologies.
  • You have experience with a JavaScript library (jQuery, XHTML, Angular JS, XML and/or CSS, for example).


  • You communicate well, both orally and in writing.

  • You're an excellent communicator who is able to explain their ideas to stakeholders.
  • You're well known for your leadership, thoroughness and diligence.
  • You're a team player who mobilizes others.
  • You can effectively prioritize tasks.
  • Others would describe you as organized and proactive.
  • You value collaboration.
  • You're comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • You can easily adapt to a changing environment.

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