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Administrative monitoring with resources

  • You’ll be responsible for approving time sheets and expense accounts​
  • You’ll be reconciling and approving leave and vacation requests

Resource allocation

  • You’ll assess the interest and capability of potential resources for various assignments
  • You’ll make recommendations to management on competing opportunities
  • You’ll be responsible for assigning resources to assignments

You will oversee the delivery and health status of certain initiatives.

  • You will ensure that you have information on the progress of ongoing projects
  • You will provide cyclical meetings to monitor the morale of the troops
  • You will be responsible for the delivery, status and quality monitoring of certain assignments (without a dedicated project manager)

You will act as a mentor and support the resource training plan

  • You will guide the team when they face obstacles (everyday)
  • You’ll be monitoring resources regularly for the KPIs in place and support them in achieving them
  • You’ll be reviewing individual and group KPIs with various stakeholders to ensure they are optimal
  • You’ll be responsible for supporting and evaluating the resources under your supervision
  • You will retrieve information about the performance of assignments : 
  • Compile lessons learned at the end of projects
  • Recommend relevant training to meet specific challenges encountered during assignments
  • Reconcile observations for periodic evaluation

Contribute to selecting and welcoming new members

  • You will participate in interviews
  • You will have to welcome the new members of your team
  • You will coach
  • You will review the application of policies and internal processes

You will collaborate with management through input and recommendations for process improvements

Examples include:

  • Management of expertise availability
  • Resource capacity management
  • Assessment methods for endeavors
  • Project execution strategies
  • Monitoring the progress in assignments (service, project outsourcing)
  • Short and longer term training needs
  • Etc.


  • You have significant experience as a team leader

  • Knowledge of microservice development concepts.
  • You have sound strategic thinking.
  • You have a knack for finding innovative solutions.
  • You have a high tolerance for stress.
  • You have experience as a programmer analyst (a plus).
  • You hold a driver’s licence.
  • Bilingualism (French and English) is essential.


  • You communicate well, both orally and in writing.

  • You’re well known for your leadership, thoroughness and diligence.
  • In difficult situations, you show managerial courage.
  • You’re a team player who mobilizes others.
  • You can effectively prioritize tasks.
  • You’re comfortable working on multiple projects at the same time.
  • You are comfortable doing one-on-one meetings without supervision.
  • You can easily adapt to a changing environment.

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