A telephone system on Teams? Why not!

January 5, 2021

Téléphonie IP Microsoft Teams

Are you familiar with Microsoft 365 Business Voice? It’s the perfect communication solution for any organization moving toward a modern workplace. With this new IP telephony extension, Microsoft has created an indispensable add-on to Teams’ chat, call, video conferencing, and file-sharing functions. Business Voice lets your entire team make and receive calls from any device using a single company phone number!

More than just an IP telephone system
Business Voice combines all the advantages of IP telephony with those of the Teams collaborative tool. It’s the ideal way to close the loop and maximize your communications. Here are some of the features that won our team over.

Receive calls anywhere…on your own schedule!
When you add the Business Voice extension to Teams, you can be reached anywhere and on any device at a single company phone number! Not available to take calls? Not a problem—simply set your status to away, transfer the call, and even include a voice message. Features like these let you concentrate on the task at hand without colleagues wondering where you are or how long they’ll be waiting on you.

Manage calls with ease
Forget complicated phone menus—Business Voice has an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage recordings, activate out-of-office messages, and personalize ringtones all in one place.

Moreover, this interface lets you configure call forwarding. You can even grant access to your receptionist, ensuring someone’s there to take your calls when you’re away.

Program your menus
Do you receive a high volume of calls? Is your receptionist already swamped? No worries! Business Voice lets you configure menu options, greetings, and a company directory, all according to language. It’s also possible to configure queues and select your business’s hold music.

Make an internal call with a single click
In addition to equipping you with the complete company phone directory, Business Voice lets you set up a speed dial list. Add your favourite contacts and connect with them instantaneously! Even better, bundle different contacts into teams for whenever you need to reach all members with a single click.

Easily trace a missed call

Missed an important call from a customer? Simply check your call history to retrieve the number quickly. Need to trace a voicemail message from a few weeks ago? Find it instantly with the visual voicemail display.

Collaborate like never before!
Go from chatting on the phone to video conferencing to screen sharing and file sharing without skipping a beat. Easily add internal or external parties to an ongoing conversation or video conference.

A constantly evolving solution!

With more than 115 million daily users, Teams and its Business Voice extension have experienced impressive growth since the start of the pandemic. Teleworking is more and more widespread, and Cloud solutions are booming. Far from resting on its laurels, Microsoft continues to make every effort to dominate the market. In addition to adding new collaborative features, new partnerships have been formed in recent months to expand their market share. Here are a few examples:

Highly secure telephone communications
To safeguard your data and communications, Microsoft ensures it meets the high standards required by government defence and healthcare agencies. Additionally, organizations that must record calls for compliance will be happy to learn that Microsoft is working with established partners such as ASC, NICE, and Verint.

A wide range of compatibility
Wondering if your current systems are compatible with Business Voice? Know that Microsoft is continually developing new partnerships. Among its most recognized partners are Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, Metaswitch, Audiocodes, Oracle, Ribbon, TE-Systems/Anynode, and Thinktel.

Collaborating with the competition to broaden your horizons
An agreement between Microsoft Teams, Cisco, and Zoom now lets Teams users join a Zoom or Cisco meeting via a dedicated Teams system (or vice versa). This compatibility simplifies your life whenever you need to connect with partners and external contacts with these platforms!

The list of benefits is a long one. Microsoft continues to improve and develop collaboration tools, responding to the changing business landscape. Amid a digital transformation, more and more companies choose Microsoft 365 Business Voice to complement their range of collaborative tools. If, like us, you’re currently working to modernize your business, then Business Voice is for you! Speak with one of our experts!

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