Reinventing the office party in 2020

December 10, 2020

Microsoft Teams rencontre de bureau

Much has changed in 2020, but our love of celebrating with colleagues remains the same! Despite the pandemic, our team jumped at the opportunity to ring in the festive season with a virtual holiday bash.

At Kezber, we value community and collaboration above all else. And although this year's water-cooler chatter and friendly lunches were relegated to online meetups, our sense of belonging never wavered.

For this year's holiday party, we were inspired by our summer office bash theme: Pandemic Mode 2020. This time around, we leveraged the power of Microsoft Teams to up the experience. Also, just like this summer, each team member in Magog, Drummondville, and Brossard received a Kezber box with complete meals, beer, wine, and other delicacies and surprises. We all gathered with our families on Teams for a memorable dinner.

We love to raise a glass

After a brief introduction and a few rounds of raised glasses, we had the pleasure of connecting with the REAL Santa Claus, who joined our video conference from the North Pole. Always full of surprises, jolly old St. Nick drew our attention to secret gifts for the little ones hidden in our meal boxes!

A few "chin-chins" later, our president took the opportunity to thank us for all we've accomplished. From application development for companies at home and abroad to workplace training and implementation, our achievements in 2020 were many—doubly impressive given this year's many hurdles.

The party continues

Kezberians and their family members received a meal, selected in advance, so we could all dine together. And for entertainment, members of the social committee took turns presenting games, hosting a quiz, playing music, and, of course, making many on-screen toasts! We even had a live performance by an emerging stand-up comedian!

Everyone was excited to carry on a Christmas workplace tradition in a year that was anything but traditional!

We hope our party inspires your next virtual holiday get-together! And of course, if you need any advice on Microsoft Teams, we're happy to help!


If you want to join the festivities next year, send us your CV—we're currently recruiting!


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