Customized Pilot Workshop

To explore IT possibilities

Cloud and digital transformation

Digital transformation is a journey. The winners will be organisations that best leverage emerging cloud, data and platform technologies.

Kezber is offering a 2 hour workshop that will help businesses explore how these new capabilities impact and drive the digital opportunities in areas ranging from customer experiences, to operational processes and evolving business models


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The main deliverable from the pilot workshop will be a report that Kezber will produce, that identifies opportunities that cloud and digital transformation could provide your organisation. Potential features, benefits and ROI effects will be summarized as well as project milestones and associated KPI’s.

Outcomes from digital transformations generally include several of the following :


  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Competitiveness, better services and products
  • Profits
  • Satisfaction, customer/ employee/ partner retention
  • Better decisions
  • Agility and security


  • Customer churn
  • Attrition
  • Costs
  • Vulnerability

Pourquoi participé ?


Afin d'élaborer un plan adapté et détaillé pour implanter une gestion du changement au sein de votre organisation


Obtenez des conseils et recommandations par des experts qualifiés en transformation numérique


Conçu autour d'un sujet ciblé afin d'offrir un diagnostic précis, personnalisé et en lien avec vos objectifs

Offre de service


Workshop IT

Pillar 1 | Mind and Machine

Business intelligence

Opportunities in this pillar encompass AI and BI, automation, and orchestration. These leverage the fact that the provision of targeted data facilitates better decision-making at all levels, than does the old model of relying on HIPPOs (Highest Paid Person Onboard).

Discussion areas include:

  • The hardest thing to accept about ourselves
  • Our most mind-like machine
  • Hi, Robot
  • Where technology and industry still need a human touch

Pillar 2 | Products and Platforms

Opportunities in this pillar encompass better product and service offerings to customers, users, and partners.

Discussion areas include:

  • The Toll of a New Machine
  • Paying complements and other smart strategies
  • The Match Game: Why platforms excel
  • Product and Platform

Pillar 3 | Core and crowd

Opportunities in this pillar encompass the ability to access external data and feedback to facilitate better decisions.

Discussion areas include:

  • That escalated quickly: The emergence of the crowd
  • Why “the expert you know” is not always “the expert you need”
  • The dream of decentralizing everything

Pillar 4 | Everything as a Service, Secured and Always-On

Opportunities in this pillar encompass building an agile, secured and resilient infrastructure that enables organisations to focus on bringing or creating new tools and making sure they are used to their maximum.

Discussion areas include:

  • IaaS, Paas, SaaS…. XaaS
  • Security: being “always-on” and preventing data loses are all intertwined
  • Collaboration and productivity in the new IT age



This workshop is designed for the main actors in the decision process within your organization. These generally include owners/shareholders, executives/directors as well as IT and sales personnel. The workshop will be conducted by Eric Landry, a veteran technology analyst, with more than 25 years of IT industry experience who’s constant focus remains staying ahead of the latest cutting edge developments.


The ability to code and update systems rapidly, has completely changed the game. Monolithic applications that need to be taken offline once or twice a year to perform upgrades, by a small circle of key individuals who understand the code, have been replaced with more flexible systems that provide the ability to rapidly adapt. Cloud and IT services facilitate rapid and efficient deployment and provisioning while decreasing the infrastructure management costs.

When and Why?

It is increasingly clear that organisations that aren’t embracing cloud and digital transformation opportunities are heading towards a slow demise in the face of emerging disrupters. The key is get act early, produce a plan and start with the projects that generate biggest ROI.


Kezber is organised around 4 main pillars: AI and BI, Development, Cloud and IT services and change management. Combined with rigorous project management skills, Kezber is your partner of choice from idea creation to production to maintenance and servicing. Furthermore, choosing the right partner will decrease your overall costs, increase your access to stable, external resources, and limit your risks.

About the Presenter

Eric Landry

Eric Landry

Director of IT Business Development

Eric is a visionary technology enthusiast, with 25 of experience in implementing corporate growth strategies. His keen understanding of business needs and alertness to the latest trends and tools enable him to identify solutions that help companies modernize. This committed, results-oriented team player aligns his interests with his clients, and defines success based on the value he adds to each mandate.


Eric Murray

Eric Murray, ING. JR

Director innovation, business technology advisor

Eric has 12 years of application development experience, an academic background in engineering, and has completed three MIT training courses related to implementing artificial intelligence in business strategies, machine learning, and the use of data analysis to foster improved decision-making. Eric’s passion for innovation has enabled him to make significant contributions both to Kezber's success and to that of his clients.

Sophie Benjamin

Sophie Benjamin

Director of Application Development

Sophie is a recognized project management professional (PMP) and an expert in agile software development techniques, with more than over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and large scale projects. She is an accredited andragogy trainer, a Project Management Institute - Certified Disciplined Agilist and has co-directed, developed, and provided training related to Agile methodologies and work processes to more than 40 managers and 200 professionals. Sophie also obtained a Business Relationship Management Professional certification from APMG International and is skilled at analyzing needs, optimizing business processes, and shaping strategies that align service levels and business objectives.

Martin Lalancette

Martin Lalancette

IT Director

Martin has 20 years of experience in IT. He began as a computer technician before founding and heading his own computer services firm for nearly a decade. His natural leadership, professional ethics, technical skills and thirst for knowledge made him an ideal fit for the IT Director role at Kezber. His recent completion of a certificate in Business Relationship Management has provided him with a range of new tools that enable him to identify IT, security and technical support needs and opportunities.

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