Our Team


A cohesive management team that’s unlike any other! 

Our managers are entrepreneurs by nature who are strongly committed to our clients’ success and a source of inspiration for the team. They are united in their qualities of strength, ambition and professionalism... plus a zest of panache! Together we can achieve great things.

Alan Kezber

Alan Kezber

President, CEO and Founder

A visionary with a passion for wine and innovation, Alan attaches great importance to his employees’ happiness and his clients’ satisfaction. He is known for his charisma, determination and ability to unite people around a common goal. Alan is very socially active and a true inspiration.

Sophie Benjamin

Sophie Benjamin

Director of Development

Originally a developer, Sophie now has over 25 years of IT experience, including application development management, quality assurance and IT process improvement. She is an established reference in her field, and a skiing enthusiast on the side!

Éric Murray, ing. jr

Éric Murray, ing. jr

Director of Data Analysis, AI and BI

Also a passionate innovator, Éric has 12 years of experience in application development combined with MIT training on the role of artificial intelligence in business strategies. His extensive knowledge makes him an outstanding advisor for our clients. Éric is an undeniable asset for the team on the ice as well!

Martin Lalancette

Martin Lalancette

IT Director

Originally a computer technician, Martin has been perfecting his IT knowledge for 20 years now. His natural leadership, professional ethics and skills led him to become an IT Director, a role he fulfills with brio. In the summer, he can be seen cruising around on his new motorcycle.

Charles Bédard, CPA, CMA

Charles Bédard, CPA, CMA

Director of Administration and Finance

As someone who loves a good challenge, Charles has found his home as a member of Kezber’s dynamic and ambitious team. His analytical acumen, sense of responsibility and leadership are rivalled only by his deck hockey performance.

Alexandra Bélanger, CRHA

Alexandra Bélanger, CRHA

Director of Human Resources

Alexandra’s boundless energy, charming personality, ambition and solid recruitment experience make her a highly successful and much-appreciated manager. Watch out! She is also a formidable deck hockey opponent!

Would you like to join a remarkable employer?

Application Developer

Our development team is a technology maverick! Our passionate and creative programmers are always up-to-date on the latest trends. They work as a team to develop custom applications and create bridges between our clients’ existing applications.

IT services

Our IT team boasts THE experts in IT! They are available to provide customer support, but also optimally maintain our clients’ infrastructure. The team works on a multitude of exciting projects, tapping into each member’s personal strengths, whether in architecture or security. Every member has a role to play!

Project Manager

Our project managers love the heat of the action and aren’t afraid of change! They coordinate and plan the various assignments to be done and play a central role as the go-betweens for the various stakeholders involved. Their contribution is essential to ensure that products are delivered according to client expectations.


Our sales team features energetic people who are always motivated to take on new challenges. They not only promote the latest technologies, but play an advisory role for each of our clients. Whether developing new markets or enhancing the current customer experience, our team is results-focused!


Being a member of our marketing team gives you the opportunity to realize your potential and develop in a constantly changing environment. You work closely with all departments as you market and promote our services. The IT world is evolving at an incredible pace and you will be responsible for devising the best possible communication strategies.


Our administration department is made up of people who are committed to the company’s evolution. Whether in accounting or human resources, each department member is proactively involved. From financial analysis to account management, invoicing, career planning and recruitment, there’s always an exciting challenge at hand and the work is anything but boring!

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