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Kezber Social Innovation
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Our Social Mission

Helping Non-Profit organizations in their digital transformation in order to better support their mission and grow the positive impact they have on their communities.


By offering NFPs the possibility to have an up-to-date website that includes all the base functionalities required for direct fundraising through this secure web platform.

The goal is to provide an attractive window into the organization on the web to promote their mission, as well as give NFPs the autonomy necessary to maximize their social impact. Horizon, a content management system developed by Kezber, is a simple user-friendly tool built for high performance.Horizon has the capacity for online fundraising; however, it also provides modules that can show activity calendars for fundraising events and allows one to edit the content of the website independently at any time.

“It’s possible to give money to a cause during a fundraising campaign, but once the money is spent what is left? This is the reason I'd prefer to offer a technological tool that will help organizations raise awareness, promote their actions and raise money to do even more.”

Alan Kezber – President KEZBER

Social Innovation Program for NFPs

What is the Social Innovation Program?

In launching our Social Innovation Program, Kezber is pledging to give 250,000$ over three years to Quebec-based NFPs who best fit our selection criteria. The objective is to give these organizations a high-performance web platform that will contribute to advancing their mission.

Thanks to the reliable and secure technology the platform is built upon, Non-Profit organizations will be able to:

  • Solicit donors directly
  • Recruit volunteers more easily
  • Share their success and social implications
  • Encourage the participation of the community

The Horizon platform will become an accelerator in the organization's development, equally in terms of propelling their message as well as in stimulating community action. Horizon is aimed at helping assure the sustainability of the organization. For more information on our Social Innovation Program, contact us at

Which points are most important in Kezber’s selection criteria?

Mission, vision, values and engagement

Your administrative board is composed of citizens from the community, who endorse the organization's mission

Healthy management of financial resources

Your financial partners (grants, donations, agreements) support your regular activities and new activities in relation to your mission.

Quality and quantity of implemented projects

You implement projects that steer towards a greater social impact while respecting the rights of citizens in the community and improves the global living conditions of your community.

How does the selection process work?

1. Submitting the application form

This first step, which takes place at the end of every quarter, allows the selection committee to determine which organizations pass the minimum requirements for this program as stipulated by our program's rules.

2. Oral presentation from the NFP finalists

In this second step of the selection process, the remaining NFP’s will be invited to present their organization in person, to describe their organisation, their mission, their successes as well as their future goals.

3. Officially announcing the selected NFP winners

Following an evaluation of well defined, weighted criteria, the committee determines the NFPs that would benefit the most from Kezber’s help.

Ready to submit your candidacy?

Please fill in the following information to download your application form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section

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