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Business intelligence (BI) provides a complete, real-time picture of the information that matters most to you in your daily life.

The goal is to help decision makers make strategic decisions efficiently thanks to the structuring and integration of your business’ data, presented in the form of optimized reports and dashboards in real-time.

Take Charge

80 Hours, that’s all it would take for our team to complete a simplified BI Project!*

In fact, SMBs and large businesses alike can benefit from the analytical power of data, automated and in virtually real-time, thanks to our certified BI Experts. What do these 80 hours represent when compared to the time spent manually calculating KPIs in Excel?

*Certain conditions apply.The pricing may vary based on scope of the project.

80 hrs BI
BI Process

Simplified decision-making

Whatever your field, business intelligence provides historical, current and forward-looking perspectives on operations and business processes. In turn, this helps achieve faster, easier and more informed decision-making. A company that utilizes a business intelligence system is undeniably a step ahead of its competitors.

Business intelligence systems are revolutionizing day-to-day management and our mission is to transform this digital efficiency challenge into an investment for your company.


Collect and combine data from multiple sources:

  • Agenda systems;
  • The company’s CRM;
  • Accounting software;
  • ERP systems;
  • Project tracking software;
  • Websites;
  • Social media;
  • The Google Analytics platform;
  • POS/PDV systems;
  • Pricing systems;
  • Automated campaign systems;
  • “Crawlers” that scout out the competition;
  • Internet of Things (IoT) systems;
  • Data collected by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs); and
  • All other existing databases.

Kezber's Method

Driven by customer satisfaction, Kezber has developed a dynamic approach that leverages our expertise combined with our significant flexibility to deliver unparalleled service.

This personalized and scalable approach allows us to implement a business intelligence solution that takes our partners’ particularities and goals into account. It can all be boiled down to 5 steps :

1. Business Analysis
2. Data Integration and Formatting
3. BI Infrastructure deployment
4. Visual Dashboard Creation and Delivery
5. Training and Change Management

With our Microsoft Gold Data Analytics accreditation, we have the expertise to help North American companies achieve success in their digital transformation.

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