Cloud services
Cloud services

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Benefits of subscribing to a cloud service :

  • Scalable infrastructure (load adaptability);
  • Easy integration of applications such as Microsoft O365, Azure and others;
  • No management of software, platform and infrastructure updates;
  • Guaranteed accessibility anywhere, anytime;
  • Heightened security;
  • No capital investment required;
  • Flexible monthly payment per use;
  • No costs associated with maintaining the environment and functionality of your IT assets;
  • Privileged access to our specialists 24/7;
  • Smaller environmental footprint thanks to service pooling.

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Cloud Applications

Say goodbye to managing software, platform and infrastructure updates - our cloud experts will take care of it from A to Z. Add applications to your cloud service and enjoy them at any time. From the Cloud, you benefit from the on-demand management model. In other words, you are in control and can increase or decrease the number of licences for an application at any time.


Subscribe to Microsoft 365 and enjoy Microsoft Office and its applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint at any time and from any device. The subscription includes a set of cloud services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Intune, a complete security and governance system. Learn more

Power BI

Stay a step ahead of your competitors with Power BI, the powerful and flexible business intelligence tool that can generate interactive visualizations in just a few clicks. Access reports and dashboards that give you a real picture of your organization’s past, present and projected situation. This concrete information makes informed decision-making faster than ever. Be proactive rather than reactive!


Share your documents with SharePoint, a collaborative application that lets you create corporate web portals to share documents and emails between users. Call on Kezber to help you use and leverage this application in your company.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with members of your organization easily and securely. Form work teams, chat in groups, edit the same file simultaneously with your colleagues, hold videoconference meetings and more! Creating a shared and versatile workspace from multiple devices has never been easier!


Capitalize on a complete set of cloud services including multiple applications for computing, analysis, BI, storage and networking. The tool furthermore allows you to build, manage and deploy applications over a huge global network while using your favourite infrastructure and tools. The Microsoft Azure suite enables you to take advantage of many services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure DevOps, Azure App Service and Azure IaaS.


Protect your data and systems with the market-leading solution in protection, backup and disaster recovery for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments. Say goodbye to service disruptions and data loss with this solution, featuring unparalleled protection and instant recovery.


Exploit the full potential of the Acomba suite securely, anywhere, anytime. The online version of Acomba also allows you to create your own customized package by choosing only the accounting and management features you really need. Thanks to this flexible and scalable version, you can avoid paying for anything not essential to your requirements.

Backups and Cloud Migration

Concerned about security? Our experts migrate your data and applications to the cloud platform with the highest number of data security compliance certifications. Your company will be protected by the Microsoft Azure service, which upholds the terms of use and privacy policies of Microsoft and the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act).

Your company data

Secure VPN link

Your data hosted and accessible on the Cloud

Primary backup for fast recovery

Secondary backup copy on a separate server

Integrated Cloud Services

Today, the Cloud offers the benefit of an integrated solution where applications and data are available anywhere, at any time. From your Internet-connected device, access your data and take advantage of your software (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), infrastructure (IaaaS) and back-end development (BaaS) with Kezber’s cloud services.

Our secure cloud services deliver on flexibility, accessibility, reliability, reversibility and availability for your business. Kezber has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses with their digital transformation and holds a number of certifications, such as Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity, to ensure that our service meets your every expectation.

Solution Cloud

Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster in your company, quickly regain control of your business with Kezber’s simplified data restoration.

Consolidate your data’s security with enhanced backup service. As an authorized Acronis partner, Kezber allows you a 2nd backup of your data that will be hosted on separate servers for greater security.

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Stand out by optimizing your team’s synergy while cutting down on your cloud services costs.

Your business is probably already using the Cloud, at least in part. But are you using it to its full potential? Discover the Cloud’s many features to get the most out of this amazing technology!

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