Custom application development
Custom application development

Developing a custom application has never been easier!

Is your team still using pencil and paper? For more than 25 years, we have been supporting an array of local, national and international companies in their modernization process. Developing custom applications that seamlessly integrate with existing tools is our specialty.

Investing in a custom app will give you greater efficiency and productivity, and therefore profitability. Our experts will assist you in all aspects of your project, from needs analysis to implementation, including setting up and maintaining the application. Flexible and agile management, infallible security, ongoing support, optimized resources, savings and engaged advisors - that’s our commitment to you.

Here you can find a few recent examples of custom applications we have built for businesses


Important: Kezber only supports businesses. Individuals or home users are not supported.

Apllications pour entreprises


An exciting pilot project

As part of a pilot project, Cogiscan needed to have a visual interface developed for a solution. This existing solution communicates with tags and radio-frequency identification transmitters in real time, leveraging a GPS-like method to monitor mobile equipment in real time within a defined area. The goal of the visual interface to be developed was to visualize movements of this equipment on a map of a factory’s building(s).

Granit Design

Seeking an IT system that would evolve with the company

After experiencing significant growth, Granit Design was confronted with the need to improve its IT system to be able to continue to support the company’s development. Granit Design decided to reach out to corporate IT specialists to optimize its system and ensure greater reliability and better integration with its business processes. Granit also wanted for the new IT system to help boost its production capacity, productivity and process efficiency. 

The company’s needs were many. Granit had to find a trustworthy, dedicated and responsive team that could pinpoint and develop the solutions it needed to keep growing, that could install and configure a variety of required IT components, and that could keep Granit’s network infrastructure humming along smoothly.

Application mobile pour entreprise

Brault & Martineau

With some 20 stores across the province, nearly 2,000 employees, and a 600,000 sq ft distribution center, BMTC is a major player in Quebec’s furniture retail market.

Over the past few years, BMTC invested heavily in its IT infrastructure to modernize operations. With the objective of increasing sales and improving the customer experience, Kezber designed a portable digital sales tool linked to the product catalog of all BMTC stores. 

Today, more than 450 sales advisors use the new mobile application every day.

Expert en transformation numérique


An app consistent with GSI

Faced with the challenge of surpassing themselves on a consistent basis and having a cutting-edge technological solution, GSI Electronics experts consulted Kezber to work together closely on this project.

Kezber therefore worked to design a web app that could be adapted to different mobile devices. The interface and design had to be similar to the existing technology developed by GSI Electronics. The main objective was to make the device features accessible, regardless of the distance between workers and farms.


A unique challenge

A few years ago, Magotteaux began equipping its various facilities with an SAP system, among other things to facilitate order and production management.

The Magog plant was already using two in-house programs, namely X-Métal to create and calculate casting orders and divide them into sub-loads, and X-Charge to send these tasks along to the machines. These two programs managed all production, but they had become unstable, hard to maintain and debug, and most importantly incompatible with Magotteaux’s new SAP system.

A further challenge lay in the fact that Magotteaux was not ready to replace all its systems at once, and preferred to upgrade in stages. As a result, the new tools had to be able to connect with the existing Oracle 9 database, even if the compatible connectors had become obsolete.

The solution was to...

Application conçue sur mesure pour répondre aux besoins de compatibilité

Business process automation

Boost your efficiency with inter-application data exchange within your company, and even with your partners and suppliers! 

Is your organization commonly storing data in two or three different places, experiencing slow data circulation between different offices or teams, or dealing with inventory errors? 

Our experts will analyze your business processes to define the optimal architecture for your entire information system. The bridges created later on will allow for a continuous flow of data between each application. In turn, this will greatly optimize your processes and give you a considerable boost in productivity.

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