1. What can I expect to be included if my organization is selected for the KSI Program? 

At its core, the KSI program aims to offer a free, high-performance website to NFP organizations. The following website features may be includes based on your needs:

  • Horizon Content Management system (CMS)
  • Microsoft Azure most secure platform hosting
  • SEO structure and Google analytics integration
  • Domain Name and access
  • Design Template
  • Donation module
  • Activity calendar and subscription module
  • Predetermined budget for marketing elements (images, animated gifs, videos, texts and translation). For additional assistance we can refer you to our marketing and translation partners who will bill you for their services.

2. If I already have a website; can I use the program to enhance my current site by adding modules you offer? 

Because Horizon platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS), it does not allow the modules to be divided and applied to pre-existing sites. However, we can assist you in moving all your existing content and features over into Horizon. Additionally, one of the interesting characteristics of a SaaS such as Horizon is that it allows for systemwide updates and feature improvements. 

3. If I already have a website; can I use this program to build a Micro-site that will piggy-back on my current site? 

While possible, we would not recommend this approach. We offer to build or rebuild your website, delivering the content you already have on a more robust and flexible platform. 

4. If I already have a website and we rebuild it with Horizon, will I have to re-create all our content and images? 

Not necessarily, we may be able to use the existing content, images and videos on your new Horizon site. Horizon is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows your organization to manage content additions, updates and removals whenever you want. We can assist in extracting your content and setting it up in Horizon, however, while you are at it, consider optimizing the content.

5. Is the website hosting available and free indefinitely? 

The creation and launch of the website as well as the first two years of hosting and website costs are included by Kezber’s KSI program. After 2 years, your organization would be billed 125$/month to continue the hosting, site maintenance and support.

6. What are the fees if I use a credit card for transactions on my site?

If you choose to accept credit card payments for your e-commerce transactions, the credit card companies will charge you transactional fees (usually between 2.4% and 3.7%) on every transaction (or donation). 

7. Can we move our website to another hosting supplier either after the implementation or after the 2 no charge years? 

Being in a Software as a Service format (SaaS), all our modules and features are hosted and secured on Kerber’s own Microsoft Azure platform. For security reason, all Horizon websites must be hosted by Kezber.

Should you wish to migrate your website after the implementation or after 2 the years to another IT supplier, we will provide you with the digital content of your website free of charge. All your content remains your property at all time. Although this would require you to rebuild your website on another platform. 

8. Does this program include Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services? 

The KSI program has modules dedicated to integrating SEO performance and Google Analytics tracking and monitoring. While we will provide you with these tools and organizations are responsible for monitoring and optimizing keywords for better ranking. SEO optimization is not a service provided by Kezber. 

9. Our NFP organization can not issue donation receipts, are we still eligible for this program? 

Being able to issue donation receipts is not mandatory. If you think your organization meets our selection criteria and could benefit from our program, we would be happy to receive your application.

For any other question, contact us at : social.innovation@kezber.com

Kezber reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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