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Are you invigorated by the hunt for new talent? Is participating in the growth of a company by integrating key people a source of real motivation for you? If yes, Kezber has what you are looking for! Kezber is currently hiring a Human Resources Specialist. Through an established recruitment process, your mission will be to fill available positions at Kezber while reporting to the Director of Human Resources.

Tools at your disposition:

Kezber will make sure to give you the tools you need to achieve your goals. Currently, we will provide you with:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter Pro.
  • A candidate management platform.
  • AtmanCo, the evaluation platform.
  • Accessibility to several display platforms.
  • A fabulous marketing team for the implementation of all ideas.
  • Several contacts to help you quickly create a network.

Recruitment – 80%

  • Research candidates specializing in computer technologies with the main objective of finding potential candidates for Kezber.
  • Communicate with candidates the attraction of working at Kezber and what each office/location has to offer.
  • Understand what is needed for each role to ensure good hiring practices.
  • Analyze applications and carry out telephone interviews.
  • Actively implement and promote the Kezber employer brand with educational institutions.
  • Participate in recruitment events, such as a ‘5 à 7’ or job fair.
  • Ensure the transmission of values and culture to postulants.

Management of Human Resources – 20%

  • Sporadically, you will be called upon by the human recourses team to aid in various tasks.
  • Your participation will be required in the reception and integration of new members (access, site visit, introduction to the team, preparation of materials, and further onboarding requirements).
  • You will be present for Kezber team members. You will be available to answer their human resources questions with brevity and empathy.
  • In collaboration with the human resources team, you will discuss and offer new strategic ideas about recruitment.


  • You hold a BAC in human resources.
  • You are bilingual. A mastery of spoken and written French and English is essential.
  • You have a good understanding of Microsoft Office and LinkedIn.
  • You are comfortable and can navigate within a growing SME, demonstrating constant agility and flexibility.
  • You are detail oriented and derive satisfaction in delivering quality work within required deadlines.
  • Possessing knowledge related to the IT world is an asset.
  • You have strong organizational and time management skills.


  • You have a good business sense and desire to be concretely involved.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • You possess both leadership and team spirit.
  • Autonomous and perpetually rigorous in your work.
  • You are good at managing priorities.
  • You have a developed sense of listening.
  • You can work within a tight deadline.

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