Case Study Granit Design
Case Study Granit Design

Client profile

Since its inception in 1998, Granit Design has grown to become North America’s leading provider of custom natural stone, quartz and premium ultra-compact surface products. Granit Design’s creations include Silestone products, of which it is the exclusive distributor for Quebec, the Maritimes and several New England states.

The company’s skill and professionalism are much appreciated by kitchen specialists, designers and architects, who receive assistance throughout their projects, from material selection to installation.

Granit Design boasts:

  • More than 350 distributors across Quebec, the Maritimes and New England
  • Over 100 000 completed projects
  • Capacity for over 240 projects per week in the institutional, commercial and residential sectors
  • Products suited to projects of all kinds (kitchens, bathrooms, wall surfaces and floors) in a wide array of materials (granite, soapstone, marble, quartzite, quartz, ultra-compact surfaces and semi-precious stone)
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Seeking a business system that would evolve with the company

In 2001, after experiencing significant growth, Granit Design needed to improve its business systems to support the company’s ongoing development. It was already apparent that the existing system was unable to fully meet business needs and did not allow consistent optimal use of resources. As a result, Granit Design decided to reach out to corporate IT specialists to optimize its system and ensure greater reliability and better integration with its business processes. Granit Design also wanted the new system to help maximize production capacity, productivity and process efficiency.

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Granit Design Needs

The company’s needs were many. Granit had to find a trustworthy, dedicated and responsive team that could:

  • Specify and develop the solutions it needed to keep growing
  • Install and configure all the required IT components
  • Keep Granit’s network infrastructure humming along smoothly

Granit Design was looking for more than a service provider—it needed a true partner that would understand its requirements and business processes to be able to devise personalized and reliable IT solutions, year after year.

In short, Granit Design was looking for a business partner like Kezber.

Flexible IT solutions

First and foremost, Kezber had to make sure that Granit Design’s system could easily evolve; unlike the technology previously in place. To this end, Kezber’s experts reproduced the company’s previous Access system while using a more flexible technology. But this was only the beginning, because from this point on, the sky was the limit.

Over time and in different phases, Kezber expanded Granit Design’s system, module by module, to fit with the company’s realities; integrating with its accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The proposed solution also allows features to be added gradually in response to new needs and requirements. It also facilitates inventory management, raw materials purchases, returns to suppliers, schedule planning and online sales.

Through its work with Granit Design, Kezber redefined the concepts of collaboration and support, bringing them to a new level. The Kezber team worked with Granit daily to find new solutions; fixing and improving existing components in addition to making them more efficient and user-friendly. Kezber also assumed responsibility for maintaining Granit Design’s network infrastructure.

A relationship that’s... as strong as granite

Thanks to the new system Kezber developed and set up, Granit Design saw productivity increases in its sales, project management, purchasing and accounting teams. More so, the system allows for better follow-ups and facilitates production management and planning, resulting in fewer production errors. The system has also cut down losses by improving scrap recycling. The new system is more comprehensive, giving Granit Design ready access to its complete records and operational reports.

Finally, and more importantly, a relationship of trust has developed between the two companies over the past 19 years. Granit Design knows it can count on Kezber and its team of experts who are ever-ready to take on new challenges to develop and implement the IT solutions required for its growth.

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