Case Study Brault & Martineau
Case Study Brault & Martineau


A mobile application to optimize sales and improve the customer experience

Groupe BMTC : Brault & Martineau - EconoMax - Ameublements Tanguay - Signature Tanguay - Liquida meubles

The challenge

With some 20 stores across the province, nearly 2,000 employees, and a 600,000 sq ft distribution center, BMTC is a major player in Quebec’s furniture retail market.

Over the past few years, BMTC invested heavily in its IT infrastructure to modernize operations. With the objective of increasing sales and improving the customer experience, Kezber designed a portable digital sales tool linked to the product catalog of all BMTC stores. Today, more than 450 sales advisors use the new mobile application every day.

The objectives

Equip sales advisors with an application to maximize customer experience.

Optimize sales opportunities.

Link the solution to an ERP system, facilitating inventory management across different stores.

Optimize communication between all sales advisors.

Train an internal resource to ensure customer autonomy.

The project as told by Brault & Martineau

Expertise Required


  • Develop a custom-made POS (Point of Sale) application.

  • Link the solution to an ERP system, facilitating orders and deliveries.
  • Connect the app with all store inventories to showcase the ease of product availability.
  • Research products.
  • Easy consultation of the different product options available.
  • Ability to view and apply promotions.
  • Ability to view and apply warranties.
  • Quick access to complementary products.
  • Finalize transactions, including payment.
  • Plan delivery with customer.
  • Implement Teams telephony for the 450 sales advisors to simplify communication while simultaneously having access to everything from the tablet.
  • Ensure the future autonomy of BMTC by training an internal resource.

The process

As a first step, our team designed a point-of-sale (POS) application with a complementary solution to elevate customer experience specifically for Brault & Martineau.

Subsequently, a system administrator carried out an analysis of the telephone infrastructure to assess the most efficient procedure for deploying Teams telephony for all 450 sales advisors.

Script execution and adjustments were performed by a network administrator, while menu creation and quality-control tests were carried out by the network infrastructure manager.

To ensure BMTC’s autonomy, key players were trained how to teach the new system to colleagues and how to make modification when required.

The project was managed according to the Agile-SCRUM model, requiring daily meetings between project managers of BMTC and Kezber.

“In close collaboration with BMTC’s internal development team, our experts participated in functional and strategic analysis to ensure that all needs and expectation were met while respecting budget and deadlines.”

- IT Team, Kezber

Order summary and payment options

Résumé de commande et options de paiement

Protection plan options

Option de plan de protection

Comparison of payment options

Comparatif par type de versements

Display of promotions and availability

Visualisation des promotions et disponibilités

Technology used

From the inception of the project, to the first stages of analysis, and right up to the project’s completion, our team validated all the technological choices with the client to ensure their satisfaction. We aim to always be in line with client expectations.

To meet customer expectations, the server portion was developed in JAVA and MySQL.

For the back-end, besides JAVA and MySQL, our experts used Spring Boot and FlyWay. For the front-end portion, they opted for VueJS, while for the development of the mobile application, the Xamarin Forms platform was chosen.

Microsoft Teams

To modernize operations and communications, BMTC Group Inc. decided to replace its phone system with Cloud telephony in order to optimize communications between all sales advisors.

To optimize the efficiency of communications between all advisors, we implemented a Teams collaboration tool to allow for quick exchanges, the sharing of files over the Cloud, and an easy way to organize video conference meetings.

As a Microsoft GOLD Partner, our SMB Cloud Solutions experts worked closely with the Microsoft team in San Diego. This privileged partnership has allowed BMTC advisors to benefit from best practices in Cloud services, while being at the cutting edge of technological advances.

Expertise required to complete the project

  • Business analysis

  • Functional analysis
  • System architecture
  • Quality control
  • Consulting services, specifically in technological advances
  • Java programming
  • Database programming in MySQL
  • Programming with Spring Boot

  • Programming with FlyWay

  • Programming with HTML 5
  • Development on Xamarin Forms platform
  • IT deployment
  • Agile-Scrum project management
  • Teams specialized system administration
  • Network administration
  • Infrastructure management & cybersecurity

The results

Today, nearly 450 salespeople in approximately 20 Brault & Martineau and EconoMax stores use Microsoft 365 Business Voice on their tablets. Following the success of this undertaking, Business Voice is being assessed and considered for administrative and customer-service offices.


  • Significant increase in the number of transactions per hour

  • Increase in sales revenue per customer
  • Efficient multi-banner management
  • Elevated and maximized customer experience

  • Automation of inventory changes in the ERP

  • Simplified communications between sales advisors
  • Increased agility within the organization
  • Quick and easy access to tools via tablets – mobile sales, application, inventory, telephone line, chat, and file exchange

About 🞃

Founded in 1989, the BMTC Group manages and operates one of the largest retail networks of furniture, electronics, and household appliances in Quebec. The company brings together the Brault & Martineau, EconoMax, Ameublements Tanguay, Maurice Tanguay Signature, and Liquida Meubles banners.

Breault & Martineau is:

  • Over 20 stores across Quebec

  • A 600,000 square foot distribution center
  • Nearly 2,000 employees
  • Huge buying power which translates to consistent savings for customers
  • A committed company that donates more than 2.5% of its net profits to more than 80 organizations across the province.

Enseigne Brault et Martineau


“This new tool significantly chances the customer experience. Everything is now much easier and faster. It’s so efficient, in fact, that delivery times have been cut in half.”

Michel Poitras, VP Sales

“Kezber isn’t just a supplier; it’s a partner. They never obsessed over counting hours and ensured every one of their commitments were kept. The new application and its architecture let us easily arrange deliveries every two weeks. It makes us more agile.”

– Martin Boissy, Digital Manager E-Commerce and IT

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